‘General Hospital’: Actress Kimberly McCullough (Robin Scorpio) Retiring From Acting

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According to the General Hospital news, an actress from the beautiful city of Port Charles has made an announcement. The news may not sound too good for the GH fans because it is not a happy one.

Kimberly McCullough, whom people know as Robin Scorpio on the show, time to time keeps visiting Port Charles. She made an Instagram post, which indicates that she no longer will be seen on the show.

General Hospital News: Kimberly Retired!

It sounds heartbreaking but needs to be conveyed to the fans. The loving character from the General Hospital posted on Instagram with a heart-touching note that she is taking retirement from acting. From picking up the right guy, having babies, and moving to a new home.

The actress address all her experiences, accomplishments, and achievements throughout her career. She summed up all her life just in a single short note. In the end, she shared her gratefulness.   

GH Spoilers: Kimberly McCullough Shifting Career 

Fans don’t need to be sad. Their favorite character is not overall retiring. Yes, it is retirement but from one job. Kimberley is retiring from acting only. She is not quitting her career. Kimberley shared with the fans that she is taking retirement from acting and will continue to work as a director. So, she is switching her career from acting to directing. Shouldn’t fans congratulate her with best wishes? 

Any Reason For Retirement? 

General Hospital Spoilers

You never know when the person is tired of doing one job tirelessly, and one day, he/she is bored. Maybe the same thing happened with Kimberly, and she decided to switch over her career from acting to directing. Sadly, fans won’t see her playing as Robin Scorpio in General Hospital, but they will surely be glad to see her happy in the professional life. Stay tuned to TV Season Spoilers for the latest General Hospital Spoilers and updates.

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