General Hospital Spoilers: Brad and Lucas are at Risk to Lose Wiley

General Hospital Spoilers

General Hospital spoilers for the Tuesday, August 21, 2018 episode of ABC’s sudser tease that it will be a day of brawls, hopelessness, and revelations. Port Charles’ residents attempt to check their lives from falling apart. Brad is trying to save secret of Nelle from everyone, while Alexis is preparing Lucas for forthcoming things.

Sam supports Lucas

Alexis reveals in the episode that there are no other ways to deal with the ongoing situation. So, Sam (Kelly Monaco) tries to comfort Lucas (Ryan Carnes) which shows Sam’s support for Lucas.

The previous episode telecasted with the scenes of surprise party which Brad (Parry Shen) and Lucas’ near and dear ones threw for welcoming their baby boy, Wiley. The loved ones of the couple were welcoming the new baby Wiley into the family through this party.

Bobbie’s concern

However, among all the happy faces, there was Bobbie (Jacklyn Zeman) who was worried about throwing the couple a party during the 30-day period. Bobbie’s concern was justified as the mother could change her mind about the adoption and could ask her baby back. But, Alexis didn’t hear Bobbie urging that the event wouldn’t hurt the adoption.

General Hospital Spoilers reveal, later, Bobbie’s concern proved right when Alexis received a call that informed her baby Wiley’s birth mother wanted her son back. But, the real baby boy Wiley is actually dead and is replaced by Nelle’s healthy baby boy whom she gave birth on the side of the road. This all was Brad’s planning which he made after finding that the infant died in his sleep. Nelle gave her baby to Brad because she doesn’t want her child to be raised around Michael’s (Chad Duell) family. So, getting panicked after receiving the call of Wiley’s birth mother is obvious.

Now, it is to see how will Brad handle the situation. Will, he reveals everything to Michael and Lucas about his and Nelle’s deal or will he continue to cover this secret?

Brad stops Julian to reveal the doubt

On the other side, Brad asks Julian (William deVry) for his help. As Julian came to know that the new baby boy looks no more same as the video he took of him. It was shown in the earlier episode that, Julian took the video of Wiley when the boy was first adopted by Brad and Lucas. He was stopped by Brad while attempting to reveal the truth to everyone. Also, Brad managed to avoid further questioning about Wiley from Julian.

The General Hospital Spoilers teases that Brad and Lucas after receiving the call are at risk of losing Wiley. So, Brad is in need of help to make the way out to keep the baby with them. The upcoming episode of soap opera will tell whether Julian help Brad to cover up the truth about Nelle and Michael’s baby or will he has to find another way? Till then, stay tuned for more updates of General Hospital.

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