General Hospital Spoilers (GH): Who Will Be Victim of Nina’s Ire?

General Hospital Spoilers Nina

Here are the not-to-miss General Hospital Spoilers for the Friday, August 17, 2018 episode of ABC’s General Hospital. The episode aired in which viewers can see the plenty of action with the ladies’ hot-tempered behavior. Three lovely ladies are at their high temperament.

Things Not According To Drew

Recently, suspicions of Drew (Billy Miller) took shape when he got to realize that things are not taking place which he can consider as his likings. Will he be able to crack the secret that tells about a certain newbie to Port Chuck?

Bobbie’s Loses Her Emotions 

On the other hand, the lady Bobbie Spencer (Jaclyn Zeman)’s concern regarding what is going currently on in her family is right. Her worry about the happenings didn’t let her emotions to be hidden for long.

Nina’s Ire Reached The Top 

While talking about Nina (Michelle Stafford), she could not help herself to hold her emotions back. Her emotions and pressure made her burst like an active volcano. She blasts and it is too see who will be her anger’s victim? Also, the honest followers of General Hospital (GH) are aware that she supposedly had a miscarriage after going into a coma that held her life for over 20 years. However, she is back in form now. Above all, she got to find out an unfortunate news that she couldn’t have kids of her own even after giving her best shot.

Why Is Alexis So Rattled? 

In the meantime, Why is Alexis (Nancy Lee Graham) so upset? is the thing to think over. She is in trouble and has recently become blindsided for which that is quite unobvious for her. Alexis is rattled for things that don’t happen very often to her. Stay tuned to know how she will handle the upcoming shocking revelation.

And, what would go not right when Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Julian (William DeVry) come together to face everything. Stay tuned for General Hospital Spoilers, General Hospital air on weekdays on ABC.


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