‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Lucas Worries Over Wiley’s Heart Condition

General Hospital Spoilers

General Hospital Spoilers won’t bring great news to fans about baby switch storyline that led to Michael thinking that his son Jonah had died. However, Jonah has been placed with Lucas and Brad after their newly adopted infant baby died. Followers of General Hospital eagerly waiting to put curtains off the truth.

Wiley’s Heart Condition

The Wednesday episode of General Hospital teased that Michael and Carly fawned over Wiley, the baby after Lucas took him to the doctor for a regular check-up. After the checkup, the doctor came and told that an issue came up during testing and he needs to discuss it. All this happened just before Lucas and the baby could leave the hospital.

Followers of General Hospital already know that Michael is a father of the baby who doesn’t know that his son is still alive. As per doctors, baby Wiley has some heart issues, so perhaps Wiley’s health issue could speed up that revelation to Michael that he is the father. The kid’s latest checkup made Lucas (Ryan Carnes) worry about the baby.

At the hospital, when Brad (Parry Shen) arrives, Carly (Laura Wright) who was there when Lucas heard the news was discussing the issue with Lucas. On arrival, Brad will immediately ask for some answers about Wiley’s health.

GH fans will remember that Michael too was born with a severe heart condition which was a significant storyline at the time. Carly suffered from severe postpartum depression after the birth of Michael, so Jason had taken charge of looking after him. Michael diagnosed with a critical heart condition and underwent surgery. Jason proceeded with the surgery, his heart problem hasn’t caused any further issues.

However, associating Wiley’s heart condition with Michael’s heart condition considering it as the genetic problem is not ideal, but anything can take place in soap operas. Lucas will be worried after he receives this news, which is to be expected. General Hospital Spoilers teases that in upcoming episodes of GH will reveal that Carly will be doing some amateur investigation.

General Hospital Spoilers – Ava to Ease The Tension

Elsewhere in Port Charles, as air conditioning isn’t working correctly so that Griffin and Kiki will stay overheated in their tank tops. They are sitting on Kiki’s sofa and will gaze at a paper together. Both Kiki and Griffin will be pondering over a takeout menu and an exotic meal in store for them. Meanwhile, Ava reaches the Kiki’s place with a view to easing the tension but after spotting Griffin with Kiki, launches another vicious tirade.

It is to see in the upcoming episode that will Michael learn the truth about Wiley that the baby has a heart condition due to him? The spoiler hints that there’s good stuff on the way. So, stay tuned. Stay tuned to TV Season Spoilers for latest General Hospital Spoilers and updates.