General Hospital: Upcoming Week Will Unravel Secrets, Erupt Hostility

general hospital

ABC’s soap opera General Hospital (GH) weekly spoilers for September 17th-21st is here. It teases that the drama will continue in the town Port Charles, and it got pretty dark this week as Mike tried rigging a gas leak in the pub of Charlie but after the resulting explosion, a skull was found in the basement by Chase. The whole incident let Julian received a clue that he was in need to figure out why Sonny has been so interested in the bar. This will heat up their cold war.

Nina Takes A New Step

Nina crosses the path of Anna in a never expected way after deciding that her daughter is alive. In the meantime, as Carly is working desperately to help Michael, she trips on the discovery of her own and decides to follow it.

Teen’s Conflict

On the other hand, Cameron (William Lipton) tries to avoid more punishment and doesn’t want to add a penalty for fighting as he already accused of shoplifting. Cameron will blame Oscar (Garren Stitt) for putting him in trouble. Also, Liz offers an apology to Cam. Cam, Liz, and Oscar’s conflict will continue in the upcoming episode of General Hospital.

However, Kim (Tamara Braun) will be seen more concerned about Oscar’s brain tumour. Kim and Drew (Billy Miller) also will decide on what time when they’ll tell Oscar the truth. She would want Oscar to live a normal life for as long as possible. But he needs a chance to say his goodbyes.

Elsewhere, Kiki (Hayley Erin) will meet Griffin (Matt Cohen), and they will grow closer. And Carly is trying to ease the pain of Michael (Chad Duell) somehow. She will surely find a way to handle the situation.

Family Drama

Interference of Carly won’t please Michael. Fortunately, to navigate tricky territory, Michael should know that Carly means well. Also, Margaux (Elizabeth Hendrickson) will come closer to the truth about the body, but Sonny will work hard not to reveal the secret. General Hospital also tells Jason (Steve Burton) will feel stressed out and in desperate need of some advice. To help Jason the first come is Sam (Kelly Monaco) who always manages to calm Jason down and put him on the right path again.

During all these, Lulu’s enmity will cross the line and spark some more controversies. Lulu to possibly provoke Ryan, one of his previous victims may get on his wrong side. Stay tuned to General Hospital for upcoming exciting episodes.