Sad Demise of Soap Vet Christopher Lawford at the age of 63

Christopher Lawford

Christopher Kennedy Lawford died on Tuesday, September 4 at the age of 63 due to a sudden heart attack in Vancouver, Canada. Lawford is a best-selling author, actor, and addiction recovery advocate. The news of his demise of made public by his cousin Kerry Kennedy, a human rights activist and daughter of Robert F. Kennedy. According to the Law Enforcement sources, the actor had a medical emergency while he was at a yoga studio and was taken to hospital where he died later.

Christopher Lawford was the son of Hollywood actor, Peter Lawford while his mother, Patricia Kennedy Lawford, was a sister of John F. Kennedy. Lawford attended the Boston College School of Law from where he was affiliated with the Democratic National Committee. He is best known for his roles in ‘All My Children, ‘General Hospital’ and ‘Frasier’.

Christopher Lawford was a sobriety campaigner and was also known for his best selling book about his struggle with addiction and path to sobriety. He later became an addiction recovery advocate and helped people in recovery.

Lawford was addicted to alcohol and drugs, and during the 80s he had lived in long-term recovery. After which he started helping countless others for the same. He provided his love, affection, and guidance to his cousin Patrick during his recovery and made sure he would stay sober for life. According to his cousin, Patrick J. Kennedy Lawford was a pioneer to the recovery community and a proof that long-term recovery was possible.

In his book, ‘Symptoms of Withdrawal: A Memoir of Snapshots and Redemption’ Lawford stated about the trauma he had suffered in his life due to the divorce of his parents and assassination of two of his uncles. He mentioned in his book that he started drinking at the age of 12 and later turned to heroin and cocaine. As a part of redemption, Lawford founded the Global Recovery Initiative in 2001 which is a non-profit organization and seeks to provide help with the people n recovery by removing barriers and providing opportunities.

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