The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: The Upcoming Week Will Be Full Of Confrontation

the bold and the beautiful spoilers

CBS’s soap opera The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers (B&B) for the week of November 26, 2018 tease so many confrontations going to take place this week. Taylor will question Bill, Hope and Brooke. Wayne Brady will appear as Zoe’s father named Reese Buckingham.

Bill Is A Changed Man

As Dollar Bill is a changed man now, Liam and Brooke will discuss whether his transformation will be permanent or temporary. Bill hadn’t given Ridge to the police and for that Brooke will praise him. She believes that he has transformed and the same tells to Liam. But, she wonders why Brooke is having exceptional faith in his father, Bill?

Wayne Brady Comes As Zoe’s Father

Wayne Brady will join the soap opera as Doctor Reese Buckingham, Zoe’s father at the end of the week November 26. But his appearance will make Zoe unhappy. He will also be seen as Taylor’s doctor.

Detective Alex Sanchez Inspects Justin

Jeremy Ray Valdez as Detective Alex Sanchez will appear on Monday and will be seen talking with Justin about why Bill doesn’t care who shot him! Justin will be just as perplexed as the detective. Also, the fans will see Steffy and Brooke talking about the shooter and Brooke will say: “Somebody tried to kill him, and if they did it once, they’re going to try again.”

The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers  – Taylor Confronts Bill

Hunter Tylo will be returning as Taylor without taking any prisoners. Taylor will question Bill and accuse Hope of stealing her daughter Steffy’s love and her office at Forrester Creations. While Taylor is accusing Hope, Liam will walk in and point her behavior towards his pregnant wife.

Brooke And Taylor

After confronting Bill and accusing Hope, Taylor will confront Brooke for bullying her daughter Steffy. Taylor will tell Brooke that she won’t let her daughter Steffy lose Liam to Hope as she may have parted from Ridge. What Taylor will say doesn’t affect Brooke as she thinks this confrontation came out of nowhere.

Secret Revealed!

Following the confrontations, The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers reveal Taylor will go to meet her daughter Steffy and will show worries about her as Bill will stop to protect her. Also, if such happens, she won’t stop herself blaming Bill. There’s a possibility of her going to jail if her secret comes out. To this, “It’s our secret, I promise,” Steffy replies.

Will Liam Reveal, Who Shot Bill?

Taylor will be seen accusing and shouting at Hope, Liam’s pregnant wife. Seeing Taylor shouting angrily at Hope, it is to see that will Liam be left with no other option only to reveal Hope that Taylor shot Bill. Hope could never imagine it even in her worst nightmare that Taylor can shot Bill and will be stunned by knowing it. Though Hope doesn’t like Taylor so much, she respects her as a patient. Liam tells Hope, “When pushed, she can go to extremes,” To this, Hope reacts, “Oh my God.”

Steffy Worries

The B&B Spoilers also suggest that Steffy will be worried after learning that Liam revealed Hope about what her mother did to Bill. She will ask Liam: “What have you done?” For what Steffy has been worrying will turn right. Taylor’s interfering behavior has put Steffy in a position to defend her mother once again.

Taylor’s Truth Will Come Out?

Hope will get to know about the secret of Taylor that she shot Bill for her husband, Liam. After that, she will see another bitter confrontation between Taylor and her mother, Brooke and will decide to protect her mother from Taylor. She will worry thinking that Taylor can also shoot Brooke the way she shot Bill. Hope will also reveal to her mother that Taylor shot Bill. Hence, the week will be full of confrontations and secrets revelations. Stay tuned with TV Season Spoilers to get The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers and B&B updates for upcoming episodes.