‘A Quiet Place 2’: Filming Wrapped, First Look, Cast Addition And Release

A Quiet Place 2
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A Quiet Place 2 is one of the most anticipated horror movies of the upcoming year. The film left the audience in utter suspense as to how the Abbott family will save themselves from these sightless extraterrestrial creatures who have the hypersensitive hearing ability and also indestructible, armored skin.

Starred and directed by John Krasinski, A Quiet Place is a post-apocalyptic sci-fi movie of Paramount Pictures. Krasinski also co-wrote the first movie, along with Bryan Woods and Scott Beck. He is also returning to direct the sequel as well. The movie sets up the Abbott family in the future where a breed of horrific-deadly creatures has the acute sensitivity to the noise. Therefore, if the family has to survive there, they are not supposed to make any noise.

A Quiet Place was one of the best-reviewed and most-grossing film of 2018. The movie also earned $340 million worldwide. It also received many nominations and awards, including Critic’s Choice Movie Awards for the best Sci-Fi movie and Satellite Awards for Best Sound Editing and Mixing. Not just this, the movie also featured in Top ten films of the year in American Film Institute Awards and National Board of Review.

First Look Of A Quiet Place 2

John Krasinski, the lead himself, yesterday shared the first look of the upcoming sequel of A Quiet Place. With the picture, he also revealed that the filming work for the sequel had been wrapped up. In the photo, John seems walking hand in hand with his real and reel life wife, Emily Blunt.

Will there be flashbacks in A Quiet Place 2?

The picture posted by Krasinski brought in quite much of speculations for the upcoming movie. As in the post, you can see Krasinski and his wife Emily, walking along a trail of sand on the bridge from the first film. If this is a still from the sequel, the upcoming movie will likely have some flashbacks kind of scene. That is because, by the end of the first movie, Krasinski’s character Lee got dead by the deadly creature, to save his deaf daughter Regan.

a quiet place part 2

Previously, Emily Blunt also discussed this polt-line, even before the renewal of the movie for the sequel. According to her, in some ways, the idea of seeing who these people were before this all happened would be interesting. However, she was not sure at that time. Because as per her, the audience wants to know about the next chapter and what happens next.

A Quiet Place 2: Cast Updates

Peaky Blinders star Cillian Murphy is on board for the sequel of A Quiet Place. He will play a man with mysterious intentions who encounters the family. Also, Djimon Hounsou will feature as a replacement for Brian Tyree Henry, as he had some scheduling conflicts. Other than this, the entire core cast from the previous film is set to return. This includes Emily Blunt as Evelyn Abbott, Millicent Simmonds as Regan Abbot, Noah Jupe as Marcus Abbott and maybe John Krasinski as Lee Abbott (for the flashbacks).

A Quiet Place Part II

A Quiet Place 2: Release Date

As per Krasinski’s tweet mentioned, the sequel is set to return on March 20, 2020. The audience is waiting to see how the Abbott family will save themselves from these awful deadly creatures. Though, now they know a weakness of them (spoiler from the first movie), they have some possibilities to fight back.

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