Agents Of Shield – New Virtual Cards Reveal The Festive Avatar of Cast

Agents Of Shield Christmas

The Holiday Season is at its full pace, and the team of Agents Of Shield doesn’t want to feel left out. The Marketing team of Agents of Shield has taken the task to another level, by sharing virtual holiday cards on Twitter. These cards consist of the main characters of Agents of Shield and have undoubtedly brought joy on the faces of fans of the series.

Absence Of Coulson From The Cards

These cards didn’t feature the character of Phil Coulson as he presumably died at the end of the Season 5 of Agents of Shield due to his long-term injuries after Avengers. However, this all might be a deploy for a surprise in the Season 6 as Phil Coulson have defied death too many times in the prior season of Agents of Shield. Coulson always comes up with a solution, right!!

Production Of Agents Of Shield Season 6 Is Completed

The Production work of Agents of Shield Season 6 has been wrapped up. According to a post on social media by Mark Kolpack, the visual effect lead of Agents of Shield, the production work of the 13 episode long Agents of Shield Season 6 has concluded. The production work of the series is finished six months before the premiere date of Season 6 in July 2019.

No Wait For Season 7 Of Agents Of Shield

Accusations of Agents of Shield being the last season of the series were made long before the renewal of series for Season 6. However, all these accusations turned out to be false as the makers have not made its viewers wait for a long time and have already announced that the Agents of Shield will be renewed for a Season 7. Well! Good news is coming from all directions in the festive season for Agents of Shield series.

The New Director Of The Team

We will see a new director of this time when the Agents of Shield returns for the 6th Season. Since Coulson has left the team and he might be dead, Alphonso “Mack” Mackenzie will be the new director of the team. Coulson before leaving the team announced Mack as the new director of the team. However, there are particular challenges that Mack is going to face as a director and Simmons agrees to that.

Simmons said that the only thing that can prevent Mack’s capacity to lead is his hesitation to put the people he care for in the line of threat. This might affect in the decision making of the Mack. The consequences will be Mack’s toughest choice as director.

Caption For Each Character

The Virtual Card posted by the team of Agents of Shield consists of a caption for each member of the team.
1. Agent Daisy “Quake” Johnson – Fighting For Peace On Earth
2. Director Alphonso “Mack” Mackenzie – Bad-Axe Lumberjack
3. Agent Melinda May – Tough Holiday Cookie
4. Agent Leopold “Leo” Fitz – Frosty Science Whiz
5. Deke Shaw – Yuletide Time Traveller
6. Agent Elena “Yo-Yo” Rodriguez – Gingerbread Speedmachine
7. Agent Jemma Simmons – Genius Elf On A Shelf

Watch all these Virtual Cards of your Favorite Agents Of Shield Character Below –