Altered Carbon Season 2: New Lead, Filming to Start in 2019, Premiere

Altered Carbon Season 2

If you have always been a huge fan of the Altered Carbon, it is good news for you! The Altered Carbon Season 2 is knocking the door of Netflix, and the fans couldn’t be more thrilled about it! Based on Richard K. Morgan’s book, the drama and sci-fi thriller takes time leaps to a whole new level. The first season had a lot of loose ends. Thus, it left a lot of possibilities for a brand new season with even more exciting elements.

The ratings of the first season skyrocketed which has created even more buildup for Altered Carbon Season 2. Even though Netflix didn’t reveal the actual numbers, Altered Carbon definitely brought in more popularity for the platform.

What To Expect In Altered Carbon Season 2?

Besides Anthony Mackie’s role, Netflix hasn’t said anything about the rest of the cast yet. Although according to some speculations, Dichen Lachman and Chris Conner may return. Just like the live action series, the feature film has the same setup.

Although it will explore deeper aspects of the mythology. The MCU star (Falcon) Anthony Mackie is set to take over the role of Takeshi Kovacs from Joel Kinnaman.

Altered Carbon Season 2

Since Joel Kinnaman is not going to be back for season 2, there are going to be major changes. For the sake of clearing things up, Joel Kinnaman did not leave to show to star someplace else. From the beginning itself, it was decided that the lead role will change every season. Since the idea of changing leads comes from the books, this is expected to go on as long as the series lasts.

The source is an anthology and was not meant to be portrayed in a serialized manner. The stories take place in different planets and worlds. So, keeping the same lead over and over does not make much sense in this case.

Altered Carbon Season 2 Release Date

The filming of the Altered Carbon Season 2 is set to start soon. The cyberpunk drama show actors and crew are expected to be back on set around 5th Feb 2019. Vancouver and Surrey, Canada are the prime locations of the shooting of Altered Carbon Season 2.

Interestingly, these Canadian cities were the prime choices for filming the first season as well. The release date is expected to be somewhere around 2019’s fourth quarter. This is due to the fact that the production is going to end around 25th June 2019.

The cast is all ready to welcome the new entry with open arms. For handling the smooth flow of the shooting of the drama, showrunners Laeta Kalogridis and Alison Schapker are in charge. The exact premiere date is not yet available but the hints are enough to estimate an approximate time.

The show’s renewal came as a bit of a shock to some actors since they only prepared for one season. But here is the good news that Altered Carbon Season 2 is on the way to please its fanatics and blow their minds!