American Horror Story Season 9: Are We Finally Done With the Apocalypse?

American Horror Story Season 9

It has always been a trademark for AHS to be unpredictable and go beyond fans’ expectations. And fans are predicting the plot of the upcoming American Horror Story Season 9. It was rumored that AHS Season 8 finale got the least viewers.

However, things have been going well for the AHS franchise. Fans might get to see not one in fact two more installments of this epic horror drama. Now that season 9 is officially on the cards, fans started digging into the last season episodes to get some clues regarding the expected plot of the next season. Here’s what you need to know before watching AHS Season 9.

American Horror Story will be back for Season 9 and 10.

There is a good news for the fans as FX ordered for two seasons of American Horror Story in August 2018. So fans will be seeing new and more creative content in the future projects of AHS.

Ryan Murphy, the creator of the show, is excited about the renewal. He confidently said that the AHS would continue as long as the team has ideas and keep up the momentum. John Landgraf (Fox CEO) stated that the entire team would continue to produce the most celebrated American Horror Story for the coming years. So, Fans can be sure that the series will not be ending any soon.

American Horror Story Season 9: What happens after Apocalypse?

After the official confirmation, it was all about what can be the plot of AHS Season 9. Fans are expecting that the finale of season 8 will be carried to upcoming season. Which suggests the season will be completely different from the previous seasons of American Horror Story. Since it was Apocalypse what can happen after the apocalypse? Either the show might present post-apocalyptic scenario or reboot the series itself.

There are also chances of a critical time jump. The witches can gain full power and can travel back in time. They are sure to change the timeline and mess up the history. They might be trying to prevent the apocalypse before it even happened. Mallory is the key, and if she can travel back to the past and stop Michael Langdon from being born, then everything changes right from the first season.

Every season was different till season 8. Season 8 was the only first of its kind to combine previous story lines and characters from past seasons. It is sure that every season is interlinked and the next two seasons will be following the theme. However, this intriguing show is all about unpredictability. Theories and predictions will never be entirely correct when it comes to American Horror Story.

American Horror Story Season 9: When will we see the next installment?

FX has aired the previous three seasons of the show in September. So the AHS Season 9 is tentatively going to follow the streak and will be releasing on September 11 or September 18, 2019. On the other hand FX might release the show on Wednesday, October 9 (Following the release schedule of first Five seasons of the show). Ryan Murphy is very keen to air the show as soon as possible.

Moreover the show might complete its production by the end of 2018. Along with FX, Netflix will also be streaming the show. Fans are very eager to know what happens to their favorite characters and are waiting for something that can be a new change in events of the American Horror Story.