Black Mirror Season 5: December Release, Teaser, New Suprises

Black Mirror Season 5

Much to the surprise of fans Black Mirror Season 5 is coming out earlier than expected. The confirmation from Netflix also revealed that Charlie Brooker would be back to write the upcoming Season. Netflix also released a teaser with the tagline “The future will be brighter than ever.” Here’s the teaser of Black Mirror Season 5.

Black Mirror Season 5: Filming Details.

At the Royal Television awards, Charlie Booker confirmed the filming of season 5. He said he was filming one episode.

Six weeks after the official confirmation of the Black Mirror Season 5, the filming began in London. The residents were informed about the filming which would be taking place in the streets of London.

A local street was set up as a throwback to the 1980s. Some shops were turned similar to Wimpy Burger, Chelsea Girl, and WHSmith. Many residents posted photos on Twitter of the filming and also the places where the shoot was under progress.

It is sure that Season 5 will bring fans back into London 1980s. The utopia-set San Junipero in season 3 was outstanding. Fans have been asking Brooker to produce a sequel. Despite the requests from fans, each episode of Season 5 will be entirely different from others, and all the episodes are standalone.

Brooker is confident that the story will not be visiting the characters of San Junipero. He said unless the reasons very strong the sequel is not on the cards. He will not be doing any episode regarding the San Junipero but thinks that it might extend in an alternate form. Brooker prefers a graphic novel adaptation of San Junipero.

Black Mirror Season 5: A new interactive Episode.

Season 5 will be added with a new feature “Choose Your Own Adventure” episode. This feature will help fans to interact with the story. They will be given a chance to make key decisions for lead or favorite characters. This decision may change the fate of the character in the series.

Black Mirror Season 5

This slate interactive project for users will be a project in which viewers will be having a say in the narrative of the story. “Choose your own adventure” episode will be taking this interaction to another level. Therefore Netflix will be filming multiple endings of Black Mirror Season 5.

Black Mirror Season 5: New Faces Revealed

Black Mirror Season 5

According to reports, Miley Cyrus is roped in for a character in season 5. Miley will be appearing in an episode. The episode will be shot in Cape Town. Moreover, all the main characters will be returning for Season 5 of Black Mirror.

Black Mirror Season 5: Expected plot line.

With the Tagline “The future will be brighter than ever” is pretty intense. Season 5 might be following the previous seasons and will be having six episodes. Black mirror was always ahead of the expectations of their fans. Brooker doesn’t want the show to become predictable. Talking about the show turning out to be predictable he said, You don’t want to hit the same bell again, even though it’s tempting.

He also added, he wouldn’t necessarily want to revisit those characters because the team was pleased with where the two characters and their story ended up. He left a possibility open that if the reason is compelling, he would think about a sequel and prequels.

Black Mirror Season 5: Release Date

According to Bloomberg report Season 5 will be released in December 2018. It seems Netflix is planning the same schedule of the previous season. Season 4 was released on December 29 last year. So we will be seeing the Netflix special, Black Mirror Season 5 most probably around Christmas.


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