Criminal Minds Season 14 Premiere Received Least Ratings – Could this be the end?

Criminal Minds Season 14 has returned with a milestone of 300 episodes. With the Season 13’s cliffhanger finale which saw two team members in the clutches of a serial killer, the series is back. But is this the end for Criminal Minds? Fans have speculated that this season might be the end of Criminal Minds because CBS didn’t renew the series for its 14th season until May!

When fans asked the show-runner Erica Messer about the delay in renewal, she stated that CBS took it’s time for renewing the series because of various reasons. She specifically mentioned that the delay happens because of the actors’ re-negotiations and issues with the head.

There were rumours that the production house is not happy with the falling ratings of the show and this may be one of the reasons why they took time to renew it. The “300” premiere episode of season 14 Criminal Minds recorded 4.45M viewers which is comparatively very less than their previous seasons.

The premiere episode of any series is the most watched episode and the ratings of that episode affects the entire series. The low ratings for the first episode of Criminal Minds Season 14 did make the lead studio in a dilemma about the future of the series. Can the series still hold a grip of viewers to keep coming back?

The 300th episode which was the milestone episode solved the all the unanswered questions that rose in the Season 13 cliffhanger finale. Erica Messer, the showrunner is hopeful and positive about keeping the show going on CBS as long as it grows creative and invites the people to keep watching it. The growth of characters on the show plays a vital part in the ratings of the show.

The actors who were already a part of the show took their own time to sign the deal. Some of them have predicted that Season 14 may be the last the of Criminal Minds for fans. The cast of the show has changed a lot during 13 seasons long show. New characters were seen in the season 13 cliffhanger finale.

As for now, no official statement has been announced or published by the CBS regarding the cancelling the show. Everyone who loves the series is staying positive because let’s look at the fact that CBS managed to keep NCIS for 16 seasons. Maybe Criminal Minds can survive the rough patch and move beyond season 14. For now, fans should be positive and continue supporting their favorite show. Criminal Minds Season 14 airs on Wednesdays at 10 PM E.T. on CBS.


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