Criminal Minds Season 15 – What Can We Expect About Show’s Future

Criminal Minds Season 15

Criminal Minds Season 15 is a dilemma yet to be solved. Criminal Minds Season 14 premiered on CBS in October. The show got degraded ratings and poor reviews. Therefore, this has become an obstacle in the renewal of the show for Season 15.

CBS has not made any official announcement about the police procedural crime drama television series. However, Season 14 being the last Season of the show – entirely depends on how it is going to end. Episode 9 of the series has yet to come. The change in the wave of reviews can make way for another Season of Criminal Minds.

Criminal Minds Season 14 is the Shortest Season

The Season 14 has got only 15 episodes. 15 Episodes may sound a lot, but considering the previous seasons, it’s quite short. The prior seasons of Criminal Minds had the fewest episodes to 20, and the maximum reached 26. Well! In between 20 and 26; 15 sounds a lot less. This might indicate to the end of the series. However, anything can turn around with the better reflection of the series.

Low Ratings of Season 14 Can Affect Possibilities of Criminal Minds Season 15

Criminal Minds Season 15

TV Line reported that Criminal Minds Season 14 started with a series low. Furthermore, the ratings and viewership of the series are also degrading. This has kept the makers of the show in worries. Because the season 14 is leading towards its’ finale. Most likely, this will create a negative impact on the possibility of Criminal Minds Season 15.

What Kelly Kahl Have To Say About The Series

Kelly Kahl, the president of CBS Entertainment, said that she has not decided about the future of Criminal Minds. She added while talking to Deadline that they will have an honest discussion about the series future when the right time calls for it. She concluded that she is not saying this is the last season of Criminal Minds. Well! This gave some hopes for another season of the series.

What Can We Expect From Criminal Minds Season 15

If the series get renewed for another season, there are certain things expected from it.

Number Of Episodes

Season 14 is the shortest season of the series. This makes speculations for Season 15 to be consisting the same number of episodes. We can assume that makers won’t come with another 20 or 22 episode series.

The Cast and Team Up For Season 15

There are all lead characters, who made a return for Season 14. We can expect them to continue further for Season 15.

Erica Messer, the writer of Criminal Minds, told Cinema Blend that sometimes many actors are up for renegotiation. Messer added that there are issues between CBS and ABC studios – the partners in the production of the series. Erica concluded by saying this time they have our producers, actors, and writers all lined up. She is sure CBS has purposes why they are holding the pickup.

When Can We Expect The Confirmation?

The confirmation of Criminal Minds getting canceled or Renewed is most likely to happen in around summer of 2019. As the announcement about the previous three seasons was also made around the same time of the year. However, confirmation of Criminal Minds season 15 is yet awaited. Stay Tuned for further updates about the series.


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