Dark Season 2: Netflix Renews The German Supernatural Series

Netflix Dark Season 2

Netflix leaves no stones unturned when it comes to their supernatural series. Well! Adding another example to it, Netflix has ordered another installment of their supernatural series Dark. Dark Season 2 is confirmed by Netflix, and some sneak-peak shots were released for building the excitement.

Dark Season 2
By Netflix

Dark is Netflix’s first German-language original series. Dark is considered as a well-determined continuation with the Stranger Things Season 2 and The OA. The cult supernatural series raised to massive popularity in December last year, after its premiere. This has ensured the renewal of the series for another installment of excitement, thrill, drama, and scenarios that will leave us awestruck.

Comparison Of Dark And Stranger Things

Dark is several times compared with the worldwide acclaimed Original Series of Netflix – Stranger Things. Both of the series Stranger Things and Dark has begun with the same plot of the disappearance of a child in a small town.

However, with the 10 episodes in the first season of the Dark, it got pretty clear that the storyline of the series is different from the Stranger Things. However, we can’t deny that the counter relations of Dark with the Stranger Things have helped it in its popularity as fans tend to watch it right after they finish Stranger Things due to the similar genre.

Possible Theme Of Dark Season 2

The first season of Dark ended with innumerous unanswered question thus leaving creators with unlimited possibilities for the second season.

Jantje Friese who is the co-creator of the show told that we have started working on the writing of the ‘Dark’ Season 2. He also added that we are open to anything that can come up during the writing for another installment of this supernatural drama.

Baran bo Odar the director and co-creator of the series told that the season 2 of Dark would surely pursue on the storyline of Jonas. He said that we would stay close to Jonas. But at the same time, will try to present the plot about some more characters in the series. He said it is like creating the world with so many different children. You may like some more than the others.

We can expect Jonas, Claudia, Bartosz, and Noah being the center of attraction for Dark Season 2. We saw Claudia and Jonas on the Light Side whereas Noah and Bartosz on the Dark Side at the end of the first Season. This current scenario will be fascinating to see in the Dark Season 2.

The mystery of why Michael kill himself is yet to be solved. Father Noah’s deal with killing and kidnapping young boys is a scenario still confusing for everyone. The appearance of Michael covered in Black goo in front of Jonas is still a question mark. All the answers are expected to be delivered in the Dark Season 2.

Release Date of Dark Season 2

Netflix is yet to confirm the release date of Dark Season 2. However, we can expect the series to make a comeback for its second installment in the first quarter of 2019. Dark is the most watched non-English series of Netflix. Therefore, the media giant will cause no further delays in the premiere of the Dark Season 2.

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