Dead To Me Season 2: Mystery Continues, Everything You Need To Know

Dead To Me Season 2

Netflix is not backing up in the Comedy genre. The media giant has confirmed its one of the most popular dark comedy show Dead To Me Season 2. The 10 episode series had the audience’s nerves with its epic ups and downs. The unique blend of comedy and mystery makes Dead To Me a standout show.

Dead To Me depicted the friendship of the protagonist – Jen and Judy. Both of them unites to solve a mystery. The pilot season of the show consisted of suspense, drama, tragedies, and fun. Dead To Me Season 2 will follow the path of the same emotions.

And The Mystery Continues

The finale of Season 1 featured Jen standing over Steve’s dead body. She was in utter shock on what she saw. Jen calls Judy and tells her about the scenario and asks for her help. Later we saw both the ladies standing and staring at the dead body.

Season 2 will pick from the same point. The revelation will happen about the whole scenario. Furthermore, Season 2 will dig into the consequences of Steve’s death.

The creator also discussed the theme of Season 2. They said that the show would continue to explore the light as well as the darker sides of various emotions such as friendship, grief, love, and forgiveness. She added that the show is likely to get more ominous than before.

Along with all the mystery and drama, Dead To Me Season 2 will also try to dig deeper into the past of Judy. Season 1 of Dead To Me depicted a complicated relationship between Judy and Steve. The series will try to explore more consequences of the abusive relationship Judy had. With that said, we can expect some flashbacks of the relationship between Judy and Steve in Season 2. Moreover, the always supportive role of Jen towards Judy is also expected to enhance as per the building scenario.

Dead To Me Season 2: The Cast Is As Excited As The Fans

The two protagonists of the show couldn’t contain their excitement for Season 2. They are very enthusiastic and happy to work again together for the second season of Dead To Me.
Christina Applegate announced the release of the new season and posted a picture on her social media with her co-star Linda Cardellini. The actress wrote that she got some more time together with her girl. Linda responded to her and wrote I Love You.

While enjoying the success of Season 1, both of the protagonists are incredibly excited for the second installment of the show. Moreover, they can’t wait to work again together.

Dead To Me Season 2 Premiere Date

Most Obviously, Christina Applegate will pursue her role as Jen Harding and Linda Cardellini will reprise her role as Judy Hale in Season 2. Along with the two gorgeous ladies, Max Jenkins as Christopher, Sam McCarthy as Charlie, Luke Roessler as Henry, Ed Asner as Abe and Cop Nick as Brandon Scott will also join the cast for the second installment of the show. Keeping it usual, Season 2 will also consist of 10 episodes full of drama, mystery, suspense and also a pinch of laughter.

Netflix has yet not confirmed the premiere date of Dead To Me Season 2. However, the show is expected to premiere in the mid-quarters of 2020. Till then, one can keep digging the possibilities for this quite different but excellent series by Netflix.

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