Dean to be Absent from Multiple Episodes of Supernatural Season 14

Supernatural Season 14

Supernatural Season 14 is just about to start in October 2018, and the show’s producers have revealed that one of the Winchester brothers will be absent for a big chunk of the Season. At the end of the last Season, Dean Winchester’s body was taken over which turned him into an archangel, Michael. This is the reason the writers have taken the liberty to write a few episodes without Dean in them.

According to the writers of the show, it has been very challenging for them to write Supernatural without being Dean into it because Sam and Dean have been the central part of the story ever since the Supernatural has started. For a few episodes in the start of the Supernatural Season 14, the fans will be not seeing any of Dean Winchester.

This is not the first time, the Supernatural has taken away the central figures of the series out of the episodes. Sam has not been in a couple of episodes of the series in the past. However, that was never for a more extended period like this time. Dean is gone for minimum 7-8 episodes of the Season 14. The producers of the show say that Dean would not be present at the start of the Season, but it will be still like he is present.

The story of the show during the start of the Season is going to be a little unbalanced without Dean, and the screenwriting will focus on bringing that balance back without Dean. Andrew Dabb, showrunner of Supernatural says that Sam and Dean are two pillars of the show and wit one being gone, it is obvious that balance is going to fall. However, the producers and Dabb have promised that the Season 14 of Supernatural will be filled with a lot of excitement and thrill as always.

According to the showrunners, the Supernatural Season 14 is going to be of 20 episodes and will be releasing on 11th October this year.


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