Dear White People Season 3: Creators Talk About The Plot, Release Date

dear white people season 3

In this modern era, there are quite many shows that raise questions on some significant social issues prevailing in the world. And Netflix’s Dear White People is one of them. After its banging two seasons, the streaming giant has ordered another season of the drama series. Dear White People Season 3 will be the next installment of the series.

Dear White People is based on the original film of the same name by Justin Simien. The Netflix series adaptation follows several black college students at an Ivy League University amidst ongoing race issues in America. The show is an extremely real and true to world portrayal of issues surrounding modern American race relations.

The show debuted in April 2017, followed by another season in May 2018. And just after a month, the series got renewed for its third season. Both the seasons of Dear White People received critical acclamation. It also dealt with some intense controversy, as some white people felt the series as an offense to their race. Not even that they called for a boycott of Netflix, the first trailer of the series received more dislikes than likes on Youtube.

Dear White People Season 3: Plot Details

The second season saw Sam (Logan Browning) grieving as her father died. She also went on a journey back to her roots as she tries to process memories from her childhood and the grief in her present. The second season also left the audience hanging in the middle.

dear white people season 3

In the final scene, a member of the Order of X also featured. It is a secret society that was alluded to throughout the show. A message received on behalf of the Order in a Dear White People Season 3 teaser. The teaser also revealed the mysterious narrator of the series, Giancarlo Esposito (from Better Call Saul). The fans are also all kinds of pumped for that.

Esposito will also feature as a character in the upcoming season. The creator of the series, Simien also revealed some big news at a Banff World Media Festival master class. According to him, the fans won’t have to wait for a second longer, Esposito is in the first scene only.

Not just this, he also expressed his views about the third season. As Simien stated, the third season is a bit of a gauntlet; it’s when people are either in or out. He also talked about the prestigious members-only clubs of Winchester’s University, Order of X. “I think we have to follow up what the ‘Order of X’ is, what it means, what it continues to mean,” Simien told IndieWire.

In an interview with Buzzfeed’s AM to DM, Logan Browning gave a little tease for the fans about the third season. According to her, this season is all about spring awakening, and all the characters are kind of getting to explore their newness, their college experiences, and how it has shaped their lives. Their personas versus their personalities. The same but new.

Dear White People Season 3: Release Date

The announcement for the release date took place on Juneteenth, the annual date celebrating the end of U.S. slavery in Texas and nationwide on June 19, 1865. Netflix will premiere Dear White People Season 3 on August 2, 2019.

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