‘Dexter’ Season 9 – Will The Show Ever Return for a Sequel?

Dexter Season 9

‘Dexter’ Season 9 is still anticipated after the last episode aired 5 years ago. Hopes for the reboot of this series grew when a poster hit the internet signifying the renewal of series. The fans of Vigilante Serial killer Dexter Morgan wants to see him again in this thriller-crime series. The news of Renewal of Dexter for Season 9 is wide-spreading nowadays. However, there are certain aspects needed to be considered if “Dexter” returns for season 9.

The series premiered in 2006, and since then, has acquired a massive fan base because of its compelling and fascinating storyline. Dexter is trained to kill only heinous criminals and being a forensic technician in Police department creates Multiple Shades of the character which creates a “Charm” its viewers can’t resist.

What Michael C. Hall Said About The Renewal

Michael C. Hall who plays the character of Dexter Morgan also expressed his views about Dexter Season 9.

Dexter Season 9

Hall in an interview with Variety for Netflix thriller Safe said that when Dexter ended, he thought about its impact and his impression because of the series.

Though Hall doesn’t want any business with Dexter Season 9, still, he said that this is something possible. He said the way the last season of Dexter ended; it is possible that the show can be renewed.

Michael wants to keep himself away from any renewal news about Dexter Season 9. He doesn’t want any connection with the new season talk of Dexter.

Michael believes that this crime based series is done for him and he considers the renewal of the Dexter for Season 9 a “Dead Issue.” According to Hollywood Life, Michael appreciates what The Dexter has done to his bank account and career, though, he wants to move from the character of Dexter Morgan.

These statements have put fans of the series in deep sorrows. They didn’t expect this reaction of the title star of the series about its renewal. However, the possibility for another season of Dexter is still alive, but it’s quite confident that we won’t be able to see Michael C. Hall playing this shady character of Dexter again.

Poster The Brought Hope for Dexter Season 9

Earlier this year, there were rumors that a poster of Dexter Season 9 has arrived. Fans of Dexter series got very excited about this news as this gave wind to the renewal of the series and what else a true fan will want to see other than his favorite character in action again after 5 years.

However, Fans’ hearts were broken, when the news came that this poster is fake and no poster is released for Dexter season 9. Well, the poster ignited some hopes in the reboot of this show. This flame surely reached to the makers of the series as Twitterati’s were crazy about the news. Hollywood Life believes that the poster originated from the photo posted by Euforia Studios in May 2017.

New Poster Of Dexter

Is Dexter Never Going To Renew?

Makers of Dexter said there is nothing on the table for now. The show has not gone for production (as rumors said otherwise) and not expected to go for at least this year. Dexter has always been eye candy for having a massive fan base. The series has always got positive ratings and reviews.

However, the last season of the series got some mixed reviews which affected the ratings and viewership of the series. This was also the prior reason for the end of the series. However, reboots and renewals are becoming a thing around, and we can expect that though not this year, the series can make a come back with Dexter Season 9.

Everyone is eager to watch this Crime-Thriller series making a comeback. The massive fan base adds a massive positive for shows renewal, and we may see Dexter Season 9 in future, “Fingers Crossed.”


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