Doctor Who Season 11 Trailer Reveals the First Female Doctor Who

The upcoming season 11 of BBC’s Doctor Who released its first trailer, and the fans of the series have mixed reactions about it. Half of the fans are thrilled for the new season and are excited to see a female Doctor while the other half is still in the arguments over the decision to have a female version of a traditionally male role. Jodie Whittaker has a lot to prove from her performance in the series.

Thirteen different men have portrayed Doctor Who in the series which initially began in 1963 and the Doctor. Whittaker is the first woman to play the Doctor. In an interview with Marie Claire, Whittaker stated that she was previously asked that if she was playing as a girl or a boy in the Doctor who and she replied to that with, “I’m just playing it. This is the most freeing role because there are no rules.”

Now BBC has added one more interesting character about the Doctor that he can gender swap and bend the rules according to his will as occurred in the Time Lord regenerations. If you don’t remember, in the season 10, Michelle Gomez played the Missy the adversarial Time Lord who was also a traditionally male character of the series. Jodie Whittaker is breaking the gender typecasting for the beloved sci-fi character. If she is able to make the Doctor even better as a female, then it may be a revolution for the cinematic industry.

The Doctor Who returns this fall and the fans are way too thrilled to control their excitement. the new season of the series is going to explore complex character dynamics along with the cast of three companions on TARDIS. Season 11 of Doctor Who is trying to bring back the lighter tone of the series which has been missing for some time now. The adventures of Doctor to the destination that has never been traveled to before start on Sunday, 7th October this year.

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