Elementary Season 7: The Sherlock is back to his Abode “London”

Elementary Season 7

After Sherlock and Dr. Joan Watson left the US, fans are clueless about what will be happening in the new Elementary Season 7. For one month after sixth season’s last episode, it was rumored that the show was getting canceled. The last episode of season 6 was created to be the finale episode. Hence, fans concluded that there would not be another season.

Much to the surprise of the fans, in May 2018 the directors of the show revealed that CBS has ordered for the renewal of the show. Also, from the updates given by actors and the production team, fans got to know that Season 7 is on the cards and progressing at a quick pace. So now fans are back to the question which season 6 has left them with, What Sherlock and Watson are doing in 221A Baker Street London?

What happened on the last episode of Elementary Season 6?

Sherlock Holmes(Jonny Lee Miller) and Dr. Joan Watson(Lucy Liu) both are in trouble as they were forced to leave the country. Dr. Joan was the prime suspect of the murder of the serial killer Michael (Desmond Harrington). Holmes gets to know that Hannah killed Michael and Captain Gregson was protecting his daughter from this crime. With no other option left, Sherlock confesses that he has murdered Michael thus saving Dr. Joan from getting arrested. Rather than going to jail, Sherlock made a deal to move to U.K. In the end, he confesses his love for Joan( not a real relationship but as a lifelong friendship).

Elementary Season 7: A New Location and a New Time Jump

When asked about the Season 7’s plot show runner Rob Doherty said that the series would return with a one-year time jump. He also said that all the characters would have had time to ponder on what happened at the end of season six.

Elementary Season 7

Also, the show will be on an entirely new location, London. The production team moved the show to the U. K because it was Sherlock’s home ground. It is as if the show is getting to the core of the series since Sherlock is originally based in Baker Street London. Creating a kind of Nostalgic feeling for fans and Sherlock.

Elementary Season 7 Spoiler: Will Sherlock be able to solve new cases?

It was revealed in the season six that due to many blows to the head it was tough for Sherlock Holmes to continue as a detective. Sherlock is in pain both physical and mental, and fans are worried to see how will he be dealing with the new mysteries to solve.

Rob Doherty explained the situation of Sherlock to the fans. He said that Sherlock is a person who puts himself in danger quite often. We can’t expect him to stop himself from finding clues and putting pieces together. However, now with Sherlock’s new development, he can’t typically depend on his mind and body as he usually does.

Rob warned fans that there is no scope of Sherlock getting better. He clarified that the additional blows to the head would only make the things even worse. So if Sherlock is continuing to solve cases he is putting himself at more risk than ever. It is clear that the Elementary Season 7 will be entirely different and fans’ concern about Sherlock Holmes is still increasing.

Elementary Season 7: Expected Release dates and episodes.

If CBS followed its previous seasons scheduled then Season 7 is likely to be released in May 2019. And the Season 7 will be having 21 episodes (same as previous seasons). Sky living will be airing the show in the UK. Fans should get ready for a new exciting change in Elementary Season 7 and get ready to witness the Baker’s Street mysteries.


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