Fear The Walking Dead Season 5: Production Started, Major Character Returns

Fear The Walking Dead Season 5

AMC has not cut down any dose of the zombie drama, as it has renewed their mega series – for Fear The Walking Dead Season 5. AMC announced the renewal of the series for another installment at the Television Critics Association summer tour. They also confirmed new seasons of Better Call Saul and McMafia, with the announcement about Fear The Walking Dead.

AMC announced the Fear The Walking Dead Season 5 way before the 4th Season finale of the series. This shows the confidence network has on their zombie-world drama.

Fear The Walking Dead Season 5 Goes Into Production

The 4th installment of the series has ended just a few months back, and the creators can’t wait to start working on another season. Ian Goldberg, the co-showrunner of Fear The Walking Dead revealed in an interview with Comicbook that they have begun filming for Fear The Walking Dead Season 5 in Austin. Ian also said they would be exploring different parts of Austin as well as more significant parts of Texas. He said without giving any hint about the storyline of the series the characters will continue to evolve for their next journey and repetition is something they try to avoid for sure.

More Crossovers Can Happen

Scott Gimple, the chief content officer of the Dead Universe, said that we do not deny the possibilities of any crossover of Fear The Walking Dead with The Walking Dead. Scott added that he does not negate the possibility, and thats all he wants to say. Also, he doesn’t think that crossovers will be happening too often.

The Finale Director

Michael Satrazemis will be directing the Season finale of Fear The Walking Dead Season 5. Michael also directed the finale of The Walking Dead Mid-Season 9. Satrazemis has beforehand directed episodes on both shows, and this will be interesting to watch as always.

Two Important Characters Are Returning In Fear The Walking Dead Season 5

Troy Otto Fear The Walking Dead Season 5

Season 5 of Fear The Walking Dead can see the return of two important characters of the series – Daniel Salazar and Troy Otto. We saw the death of both of the characters in the prior seasons of Fear The Walking Dead so we can expect that Daniel and Troy will be returning as Villains.

In the 2nd Season Finale, Daniel set a whole compound on fire with him inside of it. Everyone escapes the compound including his daughter leaving Daniel for dead. However, Salazar survived the fire. But he wouldn’t last long as in the 3rd Season finale; Strand shot him in the face.

In the season 3 finale, we saw that Troy confessed to Madison that he gathered a zombie pack to attack the Broken Jaw Ranch. And after some heating insults and argument we saw Madison took a hammer to Troy Otto’s skull, probably killing him. However, we never saw Troy’s body.

Troy and Daniel are considered dead, but, their bodies were never seen. Season 4 of the series talked nothing about these characters and the exploding dam incident. Assumptions are made that both of these characters will make a comeback in Fear The Walking Dead Season 5 as Villains looking for revenge. The number of episodes they will return for, and their respective roles in the present scenario of Fear The Walking Dead are yet to be revealed.

Release Date of Fear The Walking Dead Season 5

AMC is yet to confirm the premiere dates of Fear The Walking Dead Season 5. However, the show is already in production, and we can assume its premiere in the Summer of 2019.

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