Godless Season 2 – The Netflix Series Will Get Renewed or Canceled?

Godless Season 2

The American Western drama series Godless has kept its fan in a state of a dilemma for its renewal for Godless Season 2. Keeping in mind that Scott Frank’s miniseries has many stories yet to be told, but, Frank told Variety that the Netflix’s vice president wanted it to be limited series. The limited series can go for the further seasons when they get good reviews and ratings. However, nothing such is announced by Netflix. Here we have included all the reasons for cancelation or happening of the sequel.

Why Godless Season 2 Can Happen?

  • In the past, there are many TV Series which get renewed being a limited series. CBS’ Under The Dome is one such example.
  • Another reason for the possibility of the sequel is because of the unfinished stories of several characters. This could contribute to the storyline for another season of Godless.
    Scott Frank also said on the possibility of season 2 that “you never know”. He added that right now he doesn’t know what it would be.
  • Some Cast members also talked about the sequel, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, who played Whitey Finn in the series in an interview with Hollywood Reporter said that it’s a nice beginning, middle, and end. He also added that the idea to make something go on and on and on is prevalent nowadays and at some point, it becomes some money-maker thing which is understandable as a viewer.

Why Godless Season 2 May Get Cancelled?

  • The limited series concept may act as a hurdle in the Season 2 of Godless. Well, the renewal of the show will not be something that has not happened. However, the Godless Season 2 is relying entirely on If’s and But’s and need a strong motivator for its renewal.
  • Another primary reason for the cancellation of the sequel can be involvement of Scott Frank in another TV Series. Scott is now involved with “The Looming Tower,” Hulu’s 9/11 docudrama.
  • Frank also told while talking to Variety that he will be willing to do another TV series like Godless. This indicated the fact of no Season 2 for Godless.

Cast Of Godless

Jack O’Connell plays the character of Roy Goode. Roy is an injured fugitive on the run from his former boss, Frank Griffin. He was taken in by Griffin as he got orphaned at a young age. Roy eventually breaks up a robbery and takes off with the loot. He ran from his father figure after he can’t handle Griffin’s behavior.

Jeff Daniels pursue his role as Frank Griffin. Frank is an imminent bandit who is terrorizing the West. Griffin he hunts down Roy, his son-like partner who turned into a deadly foe.

Michelle Dockery plays the character of Alice Fletcher.

Scoot McNairy will continue his role as Bill McNue. Bill is the brother of Mary Agnes and the sheriff of La Belle.

The sequel is definitely on a see-saw. There are so many positives and motivators for another season of the series, but, there are also some theories which act against the Season 2 of Godless. However, nothing is confirmed for now. It’s not like Netflix has any money issues for the renewal of the show. Well! It seems like we have to wait and watch for the fate of Godless Season 2.

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