Hanna Season 2: What We Know So Far! Plot & Release Date!

Hanna Season 2

The Amazon Prime drama Hanna premiered last year in February. Fans loved the fifteen-year-old teenager, and Amazon took no time in renewing Hanna Season 2. They never disappoint the fans. The American action television drama Hanna is based on the book of the same name. Adolescence is the age of rebellion, and the series focuses on the same.

Hanna lives in a faraway forest in Poland, and the little girl is on an escape with her father, Erik, because the CIA is following them. Her journey and struggle as a teenager are appreciative, as she is trying to settle in her normal life. Hanna has attracted so many fans all over the globe. Are you looking forward to what’s next in Hanna?

Hanna Season 2: Upcoming Plot!

At the end of the series, Hanna knew the truth of the CIA mission. She was on a quest to identify her sisters. It seems that the upcoming season will focus on Hanna’s new sisters- the girls who are genetically manipulated. Hanna will also realize her origin story. Although the super-soldiers share genetic abilities with Hanna, their upbringings stand different from her. Hence, their development story will be interesting.

Hanna Season 2

Also, Marissa’s fate will be clear for all. There’s not much plot revelation, but the writer of the series once teased that Hanna Season 2 will be a whole new experience. The writer will take the fans to the world where the young women fight every day for the sake of their survival. Can you predict with the help of a hint?

The Story So Far: Flashback!

The previous season is centered on the story of a teenager named Hanna. She, along with her father, struggles for survival in the hostile forests of Poland. Hanna’s father, Erik, raised her in the woods of Polish forests. He even trained her the supergirl there. Due to the escape from CIA operative Marissa, the father and the girl have made their residence in the woods. Marissa Weigler is running a program named Utrax. It is a program to enhance the DNA of the children, which helps them to be super-soldier.

Later, it revealed that Hanna’s father, Erik, was once the chief recruiter of pregnant mothers. He was a CIA agent. During his job, Erik fell in love with Hanna’s mother, Johanna. She died in protecting baby Hanna. Marissa was unaware of the fact of the couple. She continued her mission of genetically weaponizing the army of girls. Hanna also learned about the program, and she is on a mission to find out her sisters- the super soldiers. In the end, Erik died, and Hanna was again on an escape.

Hanna Season 2

Hanna Season 2: Cast Details!

Hanna, Marissa, and Sophie will reprise their characters in the upcoming season. Erik and Jerome were dead at the end of season one. Spoilers say that both of the men will reprise their role in Hanna Season 2. Their rebirth will be exciting. Besides, Dermot Mulroney, Anthony Welsh, Severine Howell-Meri, and Cherelle Skeete are also joining the cast. Whom else do you want to see?

Trailer & Expected Release Date!

The series is yet to release the trailer, and the spoilers predict that Hanna Season 2 will release in the first quarter of 2020. Two months have already passed. It means that the officials may announce the release date anytime. Maybe in March 2020? Stay tuned for more important details!

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