Into The Badlands Season 4: Why It Actually Got Cancelled?

Into the Badlands Season 4

After a long mid-season break, the third season on Into The Badlands is finally hitting the screens. Fans had been waiting for the second half of Season 3. The announcement of its release showered the fans with excitement. However, on the other hand, the cancellation of Into The Badlands Season 4 comes as a mere shock.

The show debuted back in 2015 on the popular Television network AMC. The action drama series was not taken well by the critics. Although, it gathered a large number of fan following. It is set in a 500 years old mystical world. Moreover, it’s about a dramatic and mysterious territory named the Badlands.

The first eight episodes of the third season were aired back in June 2018. After eight long months, the show is finally ready to release the second half of Season 3. There are eight more episodes left to premiere. Sadly, the sixteenth episode will be the series finale episode.

Into The Badlands Season 4: Cancellation

AMC recently declared the cancellation of Into The Badlands Season 4. On the Television Critics Association winter press tour, AMC officially makes Season 3 the finale season of the martial arts drama.

AMC is yet to reveal the reason behind the same. However, according to speculations, the reason may be the decrease in the viewership of the show. The first season of the show received immense love from fans, hence, high viewership. The second season managed to get half the viewers from Season 1. On the contrary, Season 3 fails miserably.

Hence, the loss of viewer count may be one of the reasons for the cancellation.

Into The Badlands Season 4: Cast Upset With The Cancellation

It seems like some of the cast members were not known of the news. While happily announcing the end of Season 3’s mid-season break, actors share their displeasure due to the cancellation. Actors like Teressa Liane, Lewis Tan and Daniel Wu share their views about it through social media.

Teressa Liane announces the conclusion on Twitter. He continues that she had an amazing time on the show.

Lewis Tan who plays the recurring character Gaius Chau tweets that he is unhappy with the conclusion of the series. However, he adds that he is grateful to become a part of the show.

Also, the lead actor Daniel Wu makes an Instagram post declaring the good news of Season 3’s release. He expresses that the cancellation is a piece of bad news for him and the fans. He also thanks his fans for the love and support.

Into The Badlands Season 3B: Release Date

Sadly, Into The Badlands Season 4 will not hit the screens. However, just to compensate for the pain, Season 3 is soon returning to AMC after the hiatus. The second half of the third season will premiere on Sunday, March 24 at 10/9c.

Into The Badlands is one of the most loved martial arts show in recent times. The cancellation is a piece of sad news for the admirers of the show. However, the memories of the show will always be alive for all the martial arts fans.