iZombie Season 5: The Show Returning With Last Season, Release News

iZombie Season 5

Fans are all geared up for iZombie Season 5, CW was pleased to renew the crime-fighting Zombie adventure for one more season. The filming of the season started in August and is at its final stage. Will this be the last time we will see our favorite zombie back in action? Here’s all you need to know iZombie Season 5.

iZombie Season 5: Renewal and Will this be the last season?

The official confirmation of the season renewal made fans very excited but not for long. The iZombie Season 5 will be the last one. The show’s co-creator Rob Thomas previously hinted about the show’s finale. He tweeted that only one more season is needed to get to the end of the story. It’s partly good news, and fans might witness a proper ending of the show(not getting canceled without any information.)

Aly Michalka who plays the role of Peyton on the show considers the renewal as a miracle. She was not sure about the continuation of the series. In her tweet, she mentioned that it was a miracle that the show was not called off while The CW was canceling all other decent shows.

Shortly after the announcement, Mclver thanked fans for the support they showed. Also, she promised that the iZombie Season 5 would definitely be great.

Meanwhile, Rahul Kohli and Malcolm Godwin tweeted that they are finally getting their “iZombie” tattoos as promised. Fan’s are looking forward to seeing whether or not they would do this for real.

iZombie Season 5: New Faces to Join the Team

Karem Abdul-Jabbar, the former basketball player, is roped in to play a guest role in the upcoming iZombie Season 5. He is going to reprise a role named Zed one of the member of the Seattle City council. Zed is a zombie, and surely this is going to create some new tensions in the politics of the city.

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All other main characters will be returning for the show. Rose Mclver(Liv Moore), Malcolm Goodwin(Clive Babineaux) and Rahul Kohli (Ravi Chakrabarti) along with others will be back for one last time.

Rob Thomas confirmed that Bryce would be back to the show as Don E. Daniel Bonjour(Levon Patch) and Jason Dohring(Chase Graves) will not be returning since they both were dead in the final episode of Season Four.

iZombie Season 5: What Fans Can Expect from Upcoming Season?

So after the Season 4 final episode the stage is set for Liv to bring harmony between the humans and zombies. Until a new mayor is elected, Peyton will be the in-charge of handling the issues of the city. Also, in season five, the doctor might find the cure for solving the zombieism. The cure is what fans have been waiting for, and iZombie Season 5 is all ready to reveal it.

Also, the main issue for Major is feeding the Zombies of the cities. Thomas says that this would not be easy as many people of the Filmore Graves will be against the Major and holding him responsible for what happened to Chase Graves.

iZombie Season 5

Thomas promised that the end would be a resolution. At present Thomas has not revealed the fate of Major and Liv but we will surely find out in iZombie Season 5. He doesn’t want to end the show at a random, bizarre point and leave fans guessing. So fans can be sure that all the questions will get answered. The show will be ending in a much happier tone when compared to other seasons as it is going to be the final season.

iZombie Season 5: New Poster Reveals Liv and Ravi Were Dancing Together

A new poster was released through TV Line in which we see Liv and Ravi are performing Salsa together. They will be participating in a national dance competition to escape the city of Seattle. Liv and Ravi are investigating the murder of the couple who were expected to win the competition before their killed. This is the plot of the third episode of Season 5 titled as “Five, Six, Seven, Ate!”

iZombie Season 5: When Will the Final Season Premiere?

The CW confirmed that the show would be premiering in 2019. If we see the previous seasons’ release date fans can expect the iZombie season 5 to be released in February 2019. So it’s just a matter of few months for fans to witness how the show concludes.