Lost in Space Season 2: Confirmed, New Cast, and New Dangers

Lost in Space Season 2

Netflix’s Lost in Space Season 2 will be coming soon. The show will be back after its cliffhanger ending in the first season. Fans have been waiting for the Season two and are excited to know what happens to the Robinsons.

Lost in Space is a re-imagination of the 1963 show with the same name (Based on the novel The Swiss Family Robinson). Lost in Space is one of the biggest hits of Netflix. So, it was not unusual that the show got renewed for Season 2. The show’s co-creators Burk Sharpless and Matt Sazama confirmed they have some wild ideas for Lost in Space Season 2 and also hinted that it would be more thrilling than the first one.

Lost in Space Renewed for Season 2

There is more danger for the Robinson family coming in the Lost in Space Season 2. The confirmation news came out just one month after the release of the first season.

The creators were excited when Netflix ordered for another season. Sazma said they have been working on scripts and are hoping for the green light from Netflix. They promised fans, they have planned some crazy stuff for the season two and are really looking forward to filming the new season. This suggests the adventures of the Robinsons will continue in an entirely different universe.

Lost in Space Season 2: New Character Along with More Nostalgia to be Added

The showrunners are planning to include the cast of the original 1960’s Lost in space. We saw Bill Mumy reprise a role in the first season. Matt Sazama said he would love to include them and the team is interested in bringing back the characters for guest appearances in the new Lost in Space Season 2.

Lost in Space Season 2


The Hashtag Show report suggests that some other human being characters will be added in season 2. A character named Ava, a mechanic supervisor, will be one of the new characters along with Commander Jiang, as the onboard commander of the Resolute, is going to be introduced.

Lost in Space Season 2

Also, at the end of the first season, the main cast get separated from the Resolute and only eight characters remain in the final cliffhanger scene. Will, John, Maureen, Judy, Penny, Smith, Don will be back for season 2? Robinsons are in the home galaxy of the Robot. So, fans will see more of the Robots or a whole new world of Robots.

What will be the Future of Robinson family?

Lost in Space so far is successful in including the essence of the original series and also giving a modern touch to make it appealing for the current generation. So far the creators have done a great job. Fans of the original series were delighted with the new adaptation. So the new season will also follow in the same footsteps.

The incredible family adventures of Robinson will dive deep into a new world, homeworld of the Robots. We will know more about how humans got their hands on the advanced technology of the Robots. Also, we will find the answer why the Robot killed humans in the first place.

Season two will be majorly about the Robinson family surviving the new incredible circumstance. We will also know the true story of Dr. Smith. Fans can’t wait to see what evil plans she will come up with against the Robinsons.

Lost in Space Season 2 Release Date

The first season took around seven months of filming and few more months of CGI work. So, if this is the case, fans will have to wait a little longer for Lost in Space Season 2.

Lost in Space Season 2

The shoot of Season two started in September 2018. Neither Netflix nor the creators have given any notice about the number of episodes. Seeing the success of the first season, Netflix might increase the number of episodes, and this could delay the release of Lost in Space Season 2. So if Netflix thinks to go bigger, we might be watching Lost in Space Season two at the end of summer 2019.


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Thomas Nugent
Thomas Nugent

Great news! This series is more realistic than many of the other one dimensional sci-fi series that have been on TV. The real personal relationships in this series puts the Star Wars series to shame. The technology even exceeds the latest versions of Star Trek etc. This should have been a Disney creation. However, it is hoped that some of the scenes in season one will become clearer in season 2. For example, what was all that debris that hit the ship the Robinson’s left the Resolute on. If the Resolute was breaking up, how did it get back together… Read more »

John M
John M

Too much girly crap in this show.

James A.
James A.

I can’t wait for season two! Beside Flint Mitchell, I am the biggest Lost in Space fan EVER! I have a bathroom full of the original show’s memorabilia and lots of other things from the original series scattered around the house. I am so glad that Netflix has revived the old series for a new generation to be thrilled with!