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Lost in Space Season 2: Confirmed, New Cast, and New Dangers

Lost in Space Season 2
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  1. Thomas Nugent says:

    Great news! This series is more realistic than many of the other one dimensional sci-fi series that have been on TV. The real personal relationships in this series puts the Star Wars series to shame. The technology even exceeds the latest versions of Star Trek etc. This should have been a Disney creation. However, it is hoped that some of the scenes in season one will become clearer in season 2. For example, what was all that debris that hit the ship the Robinson’s left the Resolute on. If the Resolute was breaking up, how did it get back together so quickly? In the last episode, where did the second robot come from? Was he on a robot spaceship that was near the Resolute?

  2. John M says:

    Too much girly crap in this show.

  3. James A. says:

    I can’t wait for season two! Beside Flint Mitchell, I am the biggest Lost in Space fan EVER! I have a bathroom full of the original show’s memorabilia and lots of other things from the original series scattered around the house. I am so glad that Netflix has revived the old series for a new generation to be thrilled with!

  4. kevin jr says:

    Excellent reboot of a sci-fi classic with great character development and truly multi-faceted conversations in Season 1.

    If humans can be really as brave, stoic and resolute (pun-intended) as some of those characters are depicted when facing near impossible odds, then humanity probably deserves to populate the stars. The problem is humans will inevitably bring along other parts of their less than savory natures to the stars as well, as this story so aptly tells it.

    This is certainly not realistic technical sci-fi genre in the likes of Stanley Kubrick’s 2001 Space Odyssey, but it sure as hell is entertaining! Looking forward to Season 2.

  5. LadyDay says:

    I can’t wait also but it is now October 2019 and still no new news on Season 2. I did see the trailer but a date was not listed. This is a good remake of Lost In Space. I was also a fan when I was younger. You can tell they invested in the CGI work and in the quality of actors. All are a great choice. I also appreciate the writing, directing, editing, costumes and cinematography as well. Keep the team together it works. Look forward to season 2 launch date. Hope it is soon.

  6. Tiy says:

    Can’t wait love it+++++++++++