Mr. Robot Season 4: Is It Going To Be The Last Season Of The Series?

Mr. Robot Season 4

The third season has not yet ended, and USA network has already announced for the Mr. Robot Season 4 of this hacker-world series. Mr. Robot has hit hard with its renewal for the 3rd season, and improved ratings of the series gave a boost for Season 4 of the series. This news brought a wave of joy all over the “hacker” community. However, the report of the renewal of the series for another season doesn’t come with a happy ending.

Sam Esmail, the creator of Mr. Robot, confirmed that the 4th installment of the Mr. Robot would bring an end to this series. This news broke the heart of millions of fans right before the season finale of Mr. Robot Season 3.

Mr. Robot Season 4 – Writing has begun

Sam Esmail took to instagram to unveil that the writing for the Mr. Robot Season 4 has already started. Well! This seems excellent after the fact that the ongoing season has already extended for 12 episodes (previously, season 3 was ordered for 8 episodes). Everything is going in favor of the series. As Mr. Robot Season 4 is going to be the Final Season of the series. The Writers have a heavy duty of giving the series a conclusive ending.

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The Theme of Mr. Robot Season 4

The season finale for the third season is yet to be aired. However, the ongoing scenarios in season 3, do give us an idea about the plot of the Mr. Robot Season 4. The theme of season 3 was whether or not Elliot could undo the damage on E Corp’s data and the 5/9 hack. The storyline hints towards the success of Elliot in achieving these targets. Dark Army will do whatever they can to stop Elliot, and this whole scenario is giving goosebumps to the viewers.

The season finale is yet to arrive, but if everything goes so, Elliot will be facing the final threats from the enemies coming with a full swing for vengeance. As the story will move towards the conclusion, we can expect an utterly mind-blowing thriller sequence between Elliot and his enemies. Things will get more clear after the season finale of Mr. Robot Season 3 will air.

Sam Esmail on Mr. Robot Season 4 being the Series Finale

Mr. Robot Season 4
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Sam Esmail has always talked about Mr. Robot as a 5 season series. Sam indicated that the conclusion of the series would require the 5th Season. However, this plan may have got affected because of the derailment of Mr. Robot Season 2. Though Season 3 of Mr. Robot was a great comeback, Esmail said that the series is moving towards its end with Mr. Robot Season 4.

Sam Esmail said that when he created Mr. Robot, he thought that the series would have a small, cult following. He thanked the Cast and team of Mr. Robot for making it more than what he expected in the past 3 years.

Esmail said the Conclusion is here and everyone on the team of Mr. Robot, wondrous people at UCP and USA, didn’t want to say goodbye to the series. He continued that everyone has too much respect for the journey of Elliot, but its time for an end to it.
Atlast, Sam thanked the fans of the series for their love in past 3 years and said that couldn’t wait to share the thrilling final Season of Mr. Robot with them.

Release Date of Mr. Robot Season 4

After the announcement for Mr. Robot Season 4 by USA Network, everyone is excited to know when it will premiere. The 3rd Season of the series is still in the run. USA Network is yet to confirm the release date of the series. We can expect the series to make a comeback for its final season in the 3rd quarter of 2019.

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