New Teaser Reveals the Villain of The Flash Season 5 – Cicada

Flash Season 5

A new teaser of CW’s Flash has been released, and it has revealed the villain for the season. The teaser is more about the introduction to this new villain, Cicada. American’s Pie fame Chris Klein will play this non-speedster villain. The trailer also shows the confusion caused by the arrival of Barry and Iris’s daughter Nora from the future.

Cicada is going to be more than a stereotypical Flash villain. In the finale of season 4, Nora Allen arrives from future and confesses that she has made a huge mistake and needed the help of his father. It is evident that Nora has inherited not just Speedforce from his father but also the passion for messing with the timelines. Nora is to blame for the arrival of Cicada. Cicada is one of the villains from new 52, who has gained the ability to such the life forms and attain longevity from the same experiment which gave

Flash his powers and killed his wife. Cicada received a vision from the lightning that he was destined to live on and can resurrect his wife by using the life energy of everyone who is saved by the Flash and Flash himself. Cicada starts to operate a cult of followers dedicated to killing every person the Flash has ever saved with the dagger of the shape of the lightning bolt. Although Wally stops him and put him into Iron Heights, he later joins the Secret Society of Super Villains.

The trailer has revealed that Nora’s trip to the past has become more like permanent as she is now stuck in the present while she also needs help from his parents and their team to correct her mistake. Her mistake could be involving messing up with the timeline which could have given Cicada his powers in the Arrowverse and the same time-anomaly could have caused her wife to die. In the season 5, Cicada may be seeking Nora to take the revenge for his lost wife.

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