Power Season 6: Return Of The Ghost With The Return Of Final Season?

Power Season 6

Power fans are impatient because of the cliffhanger that thrilled them in the mid-finale of Power season 6. Amidst the tensions, fans are asking whether there Ghost will survive or his journey ended? There are so many questions and mysteries in the first part of the split season that remain unsolved and unanswered. Viewers already know that Power season 6 will take the series to the end. It means no other chapter afterward. It sounds harsh, but the good news is those remaining episodes of the season are soon to be released.

Power Season 6: Quite A Flashback

The finale of the first part of Power season 6 ended with a cliffhanger when the protagonist was shot with a bullet when he was in a balcony. The assassinate was an unknown. Everything that happened was a sudden shock. Nobody expected a scene like this. However, it was unclear if the Ghost survived or died in cold-blooded murder. Did the mystery trouble you? Are you the return of your favorite man?

Fate Of Ghost: Alive?

Power Season 6

There is a picture from media sources claiming the return of the Ghost in the next part of the Power season 6. In a hoping picture, Ghost is seen standing in daylight. The source also said that it might be a scene of flashbacks. Also, the showrunner indicated that the Ghost is alive. She shared in an interview she didn’t see him die. That probably is a big hint towards the fate of the hero. Maybe he didn’t die or was saved by some Godfather? Although to meet his fate, fans need to watch the upcoming episodes of the show.

Power Season 6: Key Questions

After the two month break, when the power will return to the screen, fans would expect so many questions to e answered. The Power season 6 would at least solve two issues. Firstly, who killed Ghost and another first, is Ghost alive? The spoilers predict that the story will start at least with these two important questions. The spoilers suggest if Ghost is alive, then the story will take a turn of revenge or the remaining episodes may also end with the imprisonment of Ghost, Saxe wants him to be punished for his past life crimes.

Number Of Episodes In The So-Called Final Season

The sixth and final season of the show was divided into two parts. Released in August 2019, mid finale happened at the beginning of November 2019. Now, the remaining five episodes of the show are to release. The first part of season 6 aired with ten thrilling episodes. Wondering, what the five episodes contain?

Trailer & Release Date

The teaser of return of Power season 6 is released for the fans. It asks the same question that the fans are asking. Who shot Ghost? The remaining episodes of the show will release by the first week of New Year – 5th of January 2020. Along with fans, we are also excited about the return of the show. For more details, please stay engaged.

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