Santa Clarita Diet Season 3: Latest Updates, Plot, Cast, And Release Date

Santa Clarita Diet Season 3

The weird-but-funny series, Santa Clarita Diet Season 3 plans to return to the screens. This Netflix’s show is Zombie-comedy show that revolves around the lives of seemingly relevant families. Fans and admirers are longing for the series return. The show is loved by audiences and is commercially successful.

Netflix announced the renewal of Santa Clarita Diet Season 3 last year. Hopefully, the new season will be as belly-aching funny as the previous two. The productions of the show began a few months later the announcement. Similar to prior seasons, the new installment is 10-episodes long.

The show is about a couple’s journey of dealing with an uncommon problem in Santa Clarita, California. The husband and wife Joel (Timothy Olyphant) and Sheila Hammond (Drew Barrymore) are everyday suburban real estate agents. Their simple life becomes complicates when Shiela gets dramatically changed, into a Zombie.

The story of the series is based upon the ups and downs of Sheila’s now-zombie life. The couple is trying to work their marriage with all the obstacles resisting them to live a normal life. The story accelerates as it becomes necessary for Sheila to take live to sate her undead desires. The show is superbly funny and wicked at the same time.

Santa Clarita Diet Season 3

Santa Clarita Diet Season 3: What is it about?

The second season of the series dealt with rather complex situations than the previous one. The finale of the second season ended with Anne accepting Sheila as an instrument of God. The last episode was a roller-coaster for the lead couple.

Santa Clarita Diet Season 3, is likely to feature Joel-Sheila and their daughter Abby (Liv Hewson) on the run. The couple seemingly blows up a private property. The new season may also have Sheila trying to manage her killing-spree mood.

The second season was difficult for another romantic couple Abby and Eric (Skyler Gisondo). The creators may have something in the pocket for the duo in Season 3. It may also focus on Paul and Marsha, as they seemed to hide many secrets in the earlier season.

Santa Clarita Diet Season 3: Who Will Star in Season 3?

The NCIS: New Orleans star Shalita Grant is speculated to join the cast as a recurring character. She will play the role of a FBI agent called Tess Rogers. Tess is appointed to investigate the recent explosion from the finale of the second season.

Other members of the cast including leads Drew and Olyphant will return. Along with them, other memorable characters, Liv and Skyler will also be back as Abby and Eric. Almost the entire cast will return to the show, including Jee Young Han, Zachery Knighton, and Nathan Fillion.

When will Santa Clarita Season 3 release?

The show was renewed for another season in May 2018. A tweet by their official Twitter account confirms its renewal.

Though, Netflix has not given any firm release date. However, according to some speculations, Santa Clarita Diet Season 3 may release later this year.

The show is one of its kind as a perfect family-horror drama series. Though the blend of genres is weird, the show is loved by many people around the globe. Critics praise the movie for its story and cast. Fortunately, the show is returning as Santa Clarita Diet Season 3, for good.

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