Sex Education Season 2: Whom Otis Should Choose Ola or Maeve? News Updates

Sex Education Season 2

“Ola-Otis vs. Maeve-Otis?” Who do you think will end up with Otis in Sex Education Season 2? The second season of the show is almost here, and our favorite characters will soon return. The Netflix Original series was renewed for its second season back in February, this year.

Sex Education brings us the story about an awkward teenage boy, Otis Milburn (Asa Butterfield). A social outcast at school, Otis is awkward because of his life at home. He struggles to adjust with adolescence as his mother is a sex therapist. Unable to open up to her, he binds his social interaction upto his gay friend Eric (Ncuti Gatwa).

And then, he finally meets a girl that he really likes. Maeve Wiley (Emma Mackey), the ‘Bad Girl’ at school asks for Otis’ help. They both end up starting sexual health therapy for their school. Moreover, things escalate from this point.

The show, aside from its over-the-top portrayal of intimate things, is a gem. It manages to tackle several complex issues simply and subtly. The series lets out many messages while the characters try to discover their sexual identities and orientations. Moreover, it also discusses bullying and slut-shaming, and how it affects teenagers.

Sex Education Season 2: Ola-Otis Vs. Maeve-Otis

The first season of the show ended on a dramatic note. After all that happened in the entire season, Maeve was finally about to discuss his feelings for Otis. Somehow, all the fans were convinced and wanted to see Maeve and Otis together. However, the season finale unexpectedly couples Otis and Ola together.

Sex Education Season 2

Fans have shown both support and outrage towards the same. Some of them accept Ola and Otis together as he finally apprehends his feeling and gets along with her. On the other hand, most of the fans still ship Maeve and Otis together. They believe that both of them have been through a lot since the start of the season and their relationship has been the highlight of the show.

Sex Education season 2 Netflix

We may get to know who is destined to be with our leading man. In case he chooses Ola, then Maeve may go through more hardship as she is now totally alone and isolated. We hope that the characters choose their right partners in Sex Education Season 2.

Sex Education Season 2: Will Adam Be Back For Eric?

Eric is one of the sweetest and bravest characters of the show. His character arc developed over time, he is confident now and certainly not ashamed of his sexual orientation. On the other hand, Adam (Connor Swindells), has been a complicated character so far. He struggles with his family and managing his ‘bad guy’ image at school. A good man at heart, he has done many things wrong that include bullying Eric.

However, towards the end of the season, Eric and Adam develop a different kind of relationship after a passionate encounter. They also had a sweet moment at the lab the next day. Fans ship both the characters together, but sadly, Adam is forced to move away to military school. Also, Eric is now sad and confused as Adam has left and so are the fans.

Sex Education Season 2

On the positive side, we may expect Adam to return in the next season. However, if he doesn’t, we may get to see Eric move on and find himself a potential partner. He is now more confident about his sexual orientation, after his confrontation with his father. Moreover, we may get to see an entirely different Eric next season.

Sex Education Season 2: Release Date

The debut season of the show premiered back in January 2019. Netflix did not take long to renew it for a second season. However, the productions for the comedy-drama are yet to begin. Moreover, it may take a while for the makers to start filming. Hence, it is difficult to predict a release date now.

Though, as of the first season, we can expect the filming to start by September or October of this year. Also, as Season 1 came out in January, Sex Education Season 2 may also premiere around January 2020.

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Netflix’s original series, Sex Education has been the highlight of the year. It’s comic and has sexual humor that works for a lot of viewers. Moreover, it is critically acclaimed and is considered as one of the best shows of 2019. Fans have high expectations from Sex Education Season 2, and hopefully, it will manage to win hearts again.


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