Streak of Doctor Who And Christmas Special Breaks In A Happy Manner

Doctor Who Christmas Special

Doctor Who and Christmas Special go hand-in-hand every year. BBC special festive screening adds the jingle bells and joy in the life of their viewers. Doctor Who and their Christmas special episodes have always been an integral part of these special festive screenings. Fans wait eagerly for this episode of Doctor Who all around the globe to see their favorite character once again on this festive day.

However, everyone will be disheartened to know that there will not be a Christmas special of Doctor Who this year. Yes! Jodie Whittaker’s Time Lord will not be reaching down on Christmas this year. There is a precise reason for this decision, and that will cheer up all the sad faces of the fans of Doctor Who right now (Are you ready for a surprise?)

Doctor Who and Christmas Special Broke a 13 Years Streak

Doctor Who and their Christmas special episodes started in the year 2005. Since then, there have been 13 years when we saw these festive episodes of the series on December 25. The BBC Network has got some “other plans” to end this streak of Doctor Who and Christmas of 13 Years and the network has ensured that fans will not be sad in this joyous season (Suspense Tune).

Doctor Who Christmas Special

Doctor Who Special Episode

Yes! The science fiction television series – Doctor Who, will have a special episode this year too. Although this episode is not going to air on the day of Christmas, instead it will air on The New Year. Therefore, the theme of this year’s Doctor Who special episode will be based on New Year instead of the regular Christmas Theme. Well! This brings back the smile on the faces of Fans of the series. The festive season would have felt a bit off without the special episode, and thus the network ensured its premiere.

Chris Chibnall, the show-runner of the series, also talked about the change. He said that we are excited to be beginning the New Year with a blast on BBC1. Chris also told about the theme of the series; he added that Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor and friends encounter a terrifying alien peril in an hour-long, action-packed unique experience for all the family.

Charlotte Moore, the BBC Director of Content also said that we are relished the Doctor and her partners will be embracing BBC1 audiences into 2019 with this thrilling new episode on New Year.

The Reason Behind The Change

The Reason behind the change in these dates of the special episode of Doctor Who will be because of suggestion by Steven Moffat (Former Doctor Who Boss) that the Christmas special ideas are a bit scarce after 13 years. Therefore, Chris Chibnall moved on for a New Year special episode. Well! This has for sure made the Festive Season more and more joyful.


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