The Boys Season 3: ‘Will Move Beyond Its Limits’ Teased Producer, New Addition, Production Status, And More

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The Boys Season 3 will be a hell of a ride as the showrunner hints at their plans to move beyond the limits. Well, the show has always surprised the fans with its explicit narration that featured bloody murder, superhero sex clubs, and literal Nazis. Now the addition of a new character will indeed bring mini-sized chaos perhaps in Vought’s superheroes’ life. Let’s see what it means.

Inspired by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson’s graphic novels, The Boys follow the rogue superheroes that only focused on their social status. But the series has stepped beyond the horizon of the source material in spoofing the superheroes. While in the original comics, several characters were a spoof of the original heroes. But in the series, the superheroes are real. Even often contractually bound to enact in television shows or movies when they aren’t saving the world.

The Boys Season 3: Jensen Ackles Begins Filming In Toronto Mansion

Well, filming for the third season began a few months ago and will continue in Toronto. However, recently the Supernatural alum Jensen Ackles has been spotted filming at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. Well, everybody is excited about Jensen officially starting filming as a Soldier Boy. Jensen is known for his world savior character, and now Jensen in The Boys Season 3 elevated fans’ excitement.

Reality TV Show Parody

Recently, Insauga shared an image of a Toronto mansion on Doulton Drive where filming is currently going on. The mansion’s facade was embellished with a logo called “American Hero” placed over the entrance. However, details haven’t been revealed yet. Still, the whole setting hints at some sort of TV reality show connected with the patriotic hero Soldier Boy.

Deeming the evidence, the show could be spoofing a Real World type of reality show. There, many aspiring superheroes would compel to work from the same base where Soldier Boy act as their host or taskmaster. Probably, “American Hero” hints that Vought International’s sponsoring a superhero-based reality show. So all of them would compete to win a high-profile contract.

The Boys Season 3: What Will Happen Next?

Speaking with journalist Tim Kash, the producer-director Phil Sgriccia teased that they have planned the third season, which seems they have pushed the boundaries even more. Well, in every season they came up with unexpected ideas which blow our mind. Phil added they asked themselves, “Can we do that?” and guess they came up with a new bizarre idea. As we know, the third season would focus on “Herogasm,” where all the superheroes would gather to defeat a mighty villain. But in reality, they would spend their holiday in a Vought-sponsored orgy.

Dawn Of The Seven

Finally, in the third season, we’ll see the superhero event movie “Dawn of the Seven,” just like The Avengers and Justice League. But, it would be quite different from those films. As the showrunner, Eric Kripke said Dawn of the Seven “seems like the worst movie” of all time. Well, in that movie, the rogue supes deal with the drug dealer and discover they are mutants. Well, adding everything in one movie makes no sense. Thus, it would be thrilling to see how they handle the results.

The Boys Season 3: New Character Will Join The Team

Dexter alum Katia Winter will join the team as Russian mob boss Little Nina. Katia will first time bring the iconic comic character to life. Well, the third season would explore the backstory of Little Nina and how she got that name. In the comics, Nina worked with Vought. But she used a small amount of Compound-V formula, which leads to bursting her test subjects head like watermelons. Well, she has some sort of history with Soldier Boy. So the return of Nina would add more chaos to everyone’s life in The Boys Season 3.

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