The Curse Of Oak Island Season 7 Episode 18: Everything You Need To Know

The Curse Of Oak Island Season 7
History Channel

The Curse Of Oak Island Season 7 Episode 18, titled “The Turning Point,” will take the Lagina Brothers deep into exploration. They will take some dangerous chances that could take them closer to finding out the 200-year old mystery.

The series first debuted back in 2014 and became a fan favorite. The show features Lagina Brothers- Marty and Rick, who put in a lot of effort to find out historical artifacts and treasures hidden deep in Oak Island. The show is coming back for the eighteenth episode and here are all the details about it

The Curse Of Oak Island Season 7 Episode 18: What To Expect?

The official synopsis of the eighteenth episode reveals that In the episodes to come, there will be new analysis that will reveal new details. Further investigation will connect the man-made swamp to the Money Pit. The team has just begun. Their ambition and expensive operation will be ready to locate the elusive treasure shaft.

Curse Of Oak Island Season 7

The hole that The Lagina brothers dug was in a swamp. The tunnel located there is deep, and the walls of it were crumbling. Even after that, The Lagina brothers and their team will go on very dangerous lengths to go further. The Curse of Oak Island season 7 episode 18 may take the team closer to the treasure. Viewers can expect that this episode of the series will focus on the swamp. They might find the answers about the 200-year-old mystery in the same episode.

Everything That Has Happened So Far!

In the Curse of Oak Island season 7 so far, the team has already found many proofs. All these proofs suggest that the swamp is man-made. They investigated the “eye of the swamp,” the Nolan cross boulders, and the whole triangular-shaped swamp. After that, they started digging on the spot where they found a ship-shaped anomaly last year. Along with that, they have also found many wood scraps and some metal pieces. All these objects had a history dating from the 1700s.

The Curse of Oak Island Season 7

However, the team might have to stop their activities in Smith’s Cove. Their permission for digging will expire in a month. Rick Lagina had called the people who will help him extract the cofferdam. This will take at least a few weeks to remove them completely. Despite this, the most memorable moment of the show till now is the finding in the previous episode where they found the 200-year-old tunnel.

Whatever it may be, there is a lot yet to come. As the Lagina brothers get closer to the tunnel in The Curse of Oak Island season 7 episode 13, there are possibilities more will come. There can be more revelations to get revealed and mysteries to be solved.

The Curse of Oak Island season 7 episode 18 will premiere on March 24, 9 p.m. on History Channel.