The Expanse Season 4: Amazon Came To Rescue, Production Begun, Behind The Scene Video

The Expanse Season 4

The Expanse Season 4 was not in sight since Syfy decided not to distribute the series for another installment and there came Amazon to the rescue. Yes! The American Science Fiction series is renewed for another Season of thrill, excitement, and suspense.

Amazon and Alcon Entertainment made a deal together to continue the series for The Expanse Season 4. This deal may continue for further installments of the series, given that the series continues to perform well. The Expanse has always got good critical reviews and has maintained a consistent rating on Syfy. Though, Syfy didn’t choose to proceed or distribute the series for Season 4. But, Amazon grabbed the opportunity with open arms and decided to move with another season of The Expanse.

What Alcon Founders Have To Say About The Expanse Season 4?

The Expanse Season 4

Andrew Kosove and Broderick Johnson who are the Co-founders and Co-CEO’s of the Alcon Entertainment showed their gratitude towards Amazon Studios for the renewal of the series. They said that they couldn’t be more delighted that The Expanse is going to proceed on Amazon. They continued by thanking Jeff Bezos, Jen Salke and their whole team at the Amazon Studios for having faith in the series.

Andrew and Broderick also thanked the head of Alcon Entertainment – Laura Lancaster, for her immense hard work and dedication which made Season 4 of The Expanse possible. Atlast, they acknowledged for the outpouring support of the fans who ran many campaigns around the world for the renewal of the series.

Production Of The Expanse Season 4 Has Begun

After the step back of Syfy from the series for another installment of The Expanse in July and Amazon entering to the liberation, nothing is on hold. The Production of the series has already begun in September.

Behind The Scenes Released By Amazon Prime For The Expanse Season 4

It will be too obvious to say that the Cast of The Expanse had the broadest smile on their faces after the renewal of the series for another installment. Though, the Cast has to make some sacrifice for that. Since the cast of The Expanse were not able to attend the New York Comic-Con this year as they were busy filming the new season.

However, Amazon Prime has released some behind the scenes videos of The Expanse Season 4. We can see the Cast happy and enjoying the shoot of the series. Every sci-fi fan is excited to see their favorite character once again in action.

Plot Of The Fourth Season

Spoilers and Rumors are well contained for The Expanse Season 4 storyline. However, we still got some ideas from the Showrunner of The Expanse – Naren Shankar.

Naren Shankar told about another blood-soaked gold rush. He said that this is going to happen because we have got a whole species and numerous civilizations that have characterized themselves on the evidence that the solar system is all they have. (By EW)

Naren also mentioned to EW that The Expanse Season 4 would follow the cases of Cibola Burn, in the James S.A. Corey books. He added that the gates opening in Finale of The Expanse Season 3 will lead to exploration of New World. Shankar ensured that they are not going to leave the Belt Mars, Earth and Mars behind. According to him, it is the frame of the story that the fans of the series will love to see in The Expanse Season 4.

Premiere Date Of The Expanse Season 4

Amazon is yet to confirm the premiere dates of the series. However, the production has already begun, and the work is at full pace. Therefore, we can expect The Expanse Season 4 to arrive around mid-2019.