The Grand Tour Season 3 – New Trailer, Extreme Locations & Release

The Grand Tour Season 3 Release Date

The Grand Tour Season 3 Release Dates are out. Fans will be watching their favorite trio, back in action, pretty soon!! Amazon Prime has released a new trailer for the third installment of the series. The trailer covers all level of excitements, thrill, and heart-stopping action you can’t imagine.

A few accidents in the past have not stopped Richard Hammond from being a daredevil. In the new trailer of The Grand Tour Season 3, we can see Richard Hammond carefully driving a Jeep over a fragile bridge over a valley in Colombia. What else we can expect from this madcap trio. Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond are all set to burn the tires for The Grand Tour Season 3.

The Locations

Previously, we mentioned some of the expected places the show will visit. Nevada and Detroit, Scotland, Sweden, Mongolia, China and Colombia, everything is on the list. Evidently, the trio will cover each and every place they can with their supercars and bikes.

The Grand Tour Season 3 Release Date

The Laughs

The trailer of the 3rd Season comprises a lot of humor and laughs. Well! You can’t avoid that if you experience an epic fail. Basically, you are the star of the series. To that point, we can see Richard Hammond getting himself in a bit of trouble when his Jeep stops in the middle of the action. Richard then very smartly shouted that “I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here.” Jeremy Clarkson, James May share a good laugh at that, making “L” sign for the partner. Witty and Daring go hand-in-hand in The Grand Tour.

The Grand Tour Season 3 Release Date

The Grand Tour Season 3 is all set to blaze the winter. The show will be returning at the beginning of 2019. The Grand Tour Season 3 will premiere on Amazon Prime on Friday, January 18, 2019. This leaves with just a few weeks for the motor action we have been waiting for a very long time. We already know that The Grand Tour is Amazon’s one of the biggest franchise. It is also the very heavily invested original series of Amazon. So far, both the Seasons of The Grand Tour have performed well, and we expect nothing less but same from this upcoming season. Stay tuned for a further update about the series.

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