‘The Grand Tour’ Season 3 – Another 12 Episode Season is on its Way

The Grand Tour Season 3

The Grand Tour Season 3 is back, The Amazon Original British Motoring TV Series is ready for another ride. Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond will be presenting another season. The Grand Tour series was planned for 36 episodes over 3 years. First two seasons of The Grand Tour have premiered on Amazon Prime. These 2 seasons consist of 24 episodes, which leave 12 episodes for Season 3 of The Grand Tour.

Spoilers of The Grand Tour Season 3

Amazon has been quiet about the upcoming season. This is unusual, as the first two seasons were promoted at a grand level. However, the three presenters of the show can’t be stopped from teasing fans about the new season. All of them have hinted some information about Season 3 through various social media platform.

Jeremy Clarkson Tweeted an image of a pickup truck covered in snow, in March. He captioned it as Season three filming is underway which proved the production of the show has begun.

Hammond also posted a picture on DriveTribe of the rear wing of a Ford Sierra Cosworth. He captioned this image as “Wing!!!!! Teaser……”

James May has also joined his team in leaving spoilers on DriveTribe. He posted an image of him inside the cockpit of a stunt plane. Not to mention the air vents of a classic car and a yellow Lexus LC500 we can see in this image.

A New Location For Season 3

Hammond talked about the locations of The Grand Tour. He told Metro that the trio had filmed in China, Detroit, Mongolia, and many other places.

Talking with Digital Spy, the trio also mentioned the possibility of going to Iran. They said that they always wanted to drive through Iran or Zimbabwe working with BBC, but they couldn’t because the Beeb is banned. However, they can now visit these places.
Surely, presenters can’t hide their excitement for the upcoming season of Grand Tour.

Richard Hammond’s Accident

Richard Hammond's Accident


Richard Hammond had an unfortunate fate last season. He had an accident crashing a Rimac Concept One electric car while taking part in the great Hamburg time-trial. Three months later, he met a motorbike accident and had to be airlifted to hospital.

Wilman – the boss of The Grand Tour, said Richard was lucky to be alive after the incident.

Jeremy also posted on social media that it was the biggest and most frightening crash he has ever seen.

Richard Hammond has fully recovered now, and we can see him in action again on The Grand Tour Season 3.

When The Grand Tour Season 3 will premiere

The Grand Tour Trio

Considering the premiere of previous seasons of The Grand Tour, we might have an idea about the season 3 premiere. First Season released in November 2016. Second Season released in December 2017. So, The Grand Tour Season 3 can have a premiere before the end of 2018. However, Amazon Prime is yet to make an official announcement about the release date.

The Most Expensive Show of UK

The Grand Tour is the most expensive show of UK. The Grand Tour team was provided with a mind-boggling budget of £160 million. This is Amazon’s largest investment in an Original series till date. The show consists of 36 episodes, which provides an average of £4.5m per episode. As a matter of fact, AOL UK stated that the show made a profit of £8.39 million before taxes.

The Grand Tour is one of the most anticipated show. The show is probably going to release before the end of 2018. Fans’ can’t wait to see the trio back in action with The Grand Tour Season 3.

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James May is starting to look like my dear departed grandmother. He should cut his silly hair.