The OA Season 2: Finally Show is Returning After Two Years, New Cast & Theories

The OA Season 2 News

Finally, The OA Season 2 is coming back. It has been a long wait for fans, and this wait is going to end soon. The OA season 2 will be most probably premiering next year. Though the renewal was announced almost two years back, the filming was very slow which annoyed some fans.

There’s a lot of theories going around about the possible future of the show and fans are desperate to know what lies ahead in Season Two of The OA. Will Netflix be ending the show after season two?

The OA Season 2: Why The Show Was Delayed?

Well, the show’s renewal announcement came faster than expected but, much to the disappointment of fans the production of the show was paused. Fans took to the social media to express their anguish about the delay. Brandon Perea tweeted that he had no answers for the fans. He said that the show’s creators Beit and Zal are working on making Season two perfect.

Meanwhile, fans should note that Netflix released the first Season without much of promotion. It was up to the show’s co-creator and lead actress to clarify things for the fans. So, Brit Marling updated fans about the show. She answered the question Where is the Part II of OA through her Instagram.

She’s both the lead actor and the lead writer. So it was important for the team to complete the writing part of The OA Season 2 and jump to the production. This is not the case in most TV show’s where filming takes place parallel to the writing. She explained that it was like writing an 8 hours long movie and two years can be considered as fast.

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short answer: @z_al and I just finished soundmixing chapter 2 so it is coming! long AF answer: swipe ⬅️ to deep dive

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The OA Season 2: All the Giveaways from the New Teaser

In season one, we saw Prairie who now calls herself The OA got her sight back along with an odd scar mark on her back. She is yet to reveal the difficulties she is facing. Fans are dying to know what will happen to Homer and are guessing what OA meant? Netflix released a teaser, and after much decoding, we find some answers. Here’s the teaser of The OA part II.

We see that Praire believes in the locals rather than her parents who raised her. She is now on a mission to get back the people who went missing in a similar fashion that relates to her. Her new distress was due to the experiments that revealed all her abilities.

There is a complete possibility that The OA is lying or there’s something more to her story. Fans can expect some serious plot twists in The OA Part II.

Teaser gives away the situation of Homer which was one of the main topics of discussion. If we listen carefully, we can hear Prairie saying “Homer”? (Try listening once again). Now along with this a message in Braille. And when you translate this message, it turns out as “survived.” Yes, you read it right.

Fans will be seeing Homer back after near death experience. Even the bridge which looks like the Golden Gate Bridge suggests that. So more about the past of Praire/ The OA will be revealed in Season 2.

The OA Season 2: New Addition to the Cast

The OA Season 2

Bria Vinaite is roped in for a very mysterious character in Season 2. We will be seeing all the major cast back with Brit playing the lead role as Praire.

What Plans Does Netflix Have for the Show?

The OA has many mysteries ready to be solved and Season two might be the perfect start for what seems to be a long journey. Netflix Vice President of the Series, Cindy Holland stated regarding Season two when she was asked about the tentative release date.

She said Netflix is really excited about The OA Season 2. They really sat at the edge of the seats when Brit and Zal started talking about Season 2. She was confident the fans will be happy to see the part II of this epic series.

Holland also confirmed that series was pitched as a five season arc

The OA Season 2 Release Date

The OA Season 2

The filming of the second season started in Jan 2018 and completed the sound mixing recently. The post-production works are still in progress. So, it is possible fans will be seeing the show in February 2019. However, release date is yet to be announced , but one thing is sure Brit and Zal know what they are doing and what is best for the series. They have planned this for a while and are ready to present yet another mind-boggling riddle.

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