The Ranch Part 6 (Season 4) – Release Date Announced by Netflix via Teaser

The Ranch Part 6

The American Comedy Television Series The Ranch Part 6 has got premiere dates. As we mentioned earlier The Ranch is renewed for Part 6. Now, Netflix has announced the premiere dates of this much-anticipated series about a complicated family. As we recall that Danny Masterson is out of the series due to Sexual assault claims against him. Ashton Kutcher is leaving no stone unturned for making The series a huge success.

Netflix announced the release date of The Ranch Part 6 via Ashton Kutcher and Elisha Cuthbert teaser. The Ranch Part 6 will premiere on Friday, 7 December 2018. This leaves us with just a few weeks for our favorite situational comedy series.

Ashton Kutcher is All In for Promoting The Ranch Part 6

As one of the leading cast members of The Ranch Danny Masterson is out of the show. Ashton Kutcher is making all the efforts so that this doesn’t interrupt the fan base of the show. Previously, many people tweeted that The Ranch is nothing without the character of Jameson “Rooster” Ford Bennett played by Danny Masterson. This has made makers in worried about the success of Part 6 of series.

Ashton Kutcher posted a video on Twitter. We can see Ashton climbing up several stairs along with the co-star Elisha. Elisha asks some question from Ashton while climbing the stairs. This proves the dedication and excitement of the stars for The Ranch Season 3 Part 2.

On the other hand, Danny Masterson has refused all the accusations made against him. Danny had denied the outrageous allegations against him since day one. Masterson also said that Law enforcement investigated these allegations more than 15 years ago and ascertained them to be without credit. At last, he said that in the current environment, it seems as if you are considered guilty the minute you are accused.

What we Already Know?

We already know that The Ranch part 6 is going to be of 20 episodes. Ashton Kutcher, Elisha Cuthbert, and Sam Elliott will be the permanent cast. Debra Winger is expected to make multiple appearances in Part 6. Dax Shepard will be joining the cast after the exit of Danny Masterson.

Many dedicated fans of Masterson are still upset with his exit. We expect that this will not affect Part 6 of series; however, nothing can be said for sure. Well! For now, what’s for sure is that The Ranch Season 6 is premiering on December 7.

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