The Walking Dead Movie Trilogy – Release Date and What Comes After

The Walking Dead Movie

The Walking Dead is all set to come up with a movie trilogy based on the TV series theme, focusing around Rick Grimes. Fans got devastated after the rumors that their favorite character is going to die in the upcoming episode of the series. However, the final episode revealed that he would not be killed off. A severe injury would leave him vulnerable to Jadis and her helicopter people’s seizure of sorts.

So What Comes After?

AMC has announced a trilogy of movies which will set a different theme than that of The Walking Dead TV Series. In an interview with the New York Times, Andrew Lincoln gave some hints about the movie. Lincoln said that everyone thinks he is a sociopath because he is not breaking down at every interview.

Andrew also added that something is happening next year. The cleverly chosen words by Andrew Lincoln or we can say “Rick Grimes” gave us an idea about the first installment of The Walking Dead Trilogy.

The Walking Dead Movie

What To Expect From The Walking Dead Movie?

When every fan of The Walking Dead series was in distress about the end of the story of Rick Grimes, the movie came as a savior to them. Lincoln also said in the interview with the New York Times that he didn’t want to be disingenuous to fans; thus it was a compromise. He also added that he didn’t want to give away the story.

Since Rick Grimes is off to an unknown destination, the spinoff can begin from his new life far away from the likes of Judith, Daryl and everybody he left behind.
We can consider that this “Unknown Destination” can be far away from from the Country. This will also explain the plot that why Rick will not come back home. With new territories waits for new dangers and this will be exciting.

If we keep the comic series in our mind, teh commonwealth might be the center to the story. With more than 50,000 residents, technological amelioration, this fit just right. It is a densely populated and most advanced city in the Kirkman comics.

The last but not the least, what if Rick is looking for the cure. The cure will help to give an endgame to this long-running TV series. It will also put Rick into new struggles and adventures.

The Walking Dead Movie – Release Date

After the considered end of Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead series, everyone is excited to see him in his new parameters. According to Andrew Lincoln, something is coming next year. If we consider it for a new movie, the production should have started. However, as the production of the film has not yet begun, we can deduce Lincoln’s statement as the production of the movie will begin next year. This gives the movie an expected release in 2020.

The Walking Dead series is one of the most famous American Television Series. Fans are madly in love with its main character Rick Grimes. It will be fascinating for fans to see Rick Grimes in the new role and new adventures in The Walking Dead Movie.

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