The Walking Dead Season 9 Episode 7: Six Year Time Jump in the Series

The Walking Dead Season 9 Episode 7

The Walking Dead Season 9 Episode 7 is coming up with many exciting scenarios for its fans. Episode 7 of this American Thriller Drama Series is named as Stradivarius. It will be exciting to see what happens now, as the series has seen the exit of their star “Rick Grimes” and a jump of 6 years in The Walking Dead Universe.

What to expect from Episode 7 – Stradivarius

AMC has released a series of promos for Episode 7. These promos signified some theory and some certain events that are going to happen in The Walking Dead Season 9 Episode 7.


Jesus is seen in one of the promos for Episode 7. Aaron and Jesus were together as a blaze shoots into the sky above them. So, we can also believe that the relationship between Hilltop and Alexandria will be further traversed in Episode 7 of The Walking Dead.


Michonne is in some sort of trouble according to the new promo. Fans will see Michonne with some new group of people, which hints a plot twist and addition of new characters in the series. Well! The primary reason for this will be the exit of Rick Grimes from the scenario. Apparently, the void Rick Grimes has left will be difficult to fill, but, is required to be.

At the end of this promo, we saw Michonne preparing for a battle as she draws her samurai sword. We will also see Carol notching an arrow on her bow in the same scene.

A New Enemy

Rick’s departure from the series has made the creators think over the line. What we sense from the promo and according to some recent rumors we might see the entry of new villain in The Walking Dead Universe. This will be interesting to watch as this new villain can create trouble for the survivors. Especially for Daryl who has separated himself from the rest of the Survivors. Though Daryl is away from others in the forest, he is undoubtedly going to be accompanied with the canine companion

The Walking Dead Season 9 Episode 7 promos have teased fans with various possibilities. With a gap of 6 years in the storyline, it has opened innumerable opportunities for the plot of the series.

What Show Runner Have To Say About Walking Dead Season 9 Episode 7

The Walking Dead Season 9 Episode 7


The 6-year time jump in The Walking Dead Universe has given a re-birth to the show. The new showrunner Angela Kang said that she loves the section of the story that they are telling.

Angela expressed her thoughts about the future of The Walking Dead. She said that we are playing with time and a little bit with the style of the show. Angela believes that the fans will enjoy the new feel and look.

However, Angela also explained the plans for saving the originality of this show. She said the show has a traditional feel that we want to keep. She added that we love these stories about survivors and their struggle to make way through the world.

At last, Angela concluded by saying that they are doing some fascinating things with sound in this Walking Dead Season.

The Walking Dead has always enticed the fans with its thrill and adventures. The fans will expect the same to go on even after these changing scenarios. The Creators of The Walking Dead will try as much as they can to keep the fans together after Rick’s exit, and this ensures further plot twists in the plot of series. Fans can’t wait to see what happen next in The Walking Dead Season 9 Episode 7 – Stradivarius, which will air on Sunday, November 18.

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