The Walking Dead Season 9 Episode 8 Mid-Season Finale Spoilers: A New Enemy is Here!

The Walking Dead Season 9 Episode 8

The Walking Dead Season 9 Episode 8 Mid-Season Finale Spoilers tease pretty new surprises ahead, and fans are really looking forward to the “Evolution” in the story. Till now The Walking Dead Season 9 was all about Rick Grimes exit and the six years time jump that happened in the last episode.

However, The Walking Dead Season 9 Mid-Season Finale will be concentrating on a much different scenario. The promo of TWD Episode 8 was released on Sunday night. Fans got to see the new kind of talkers called the “Whisperers.” The Walking Dead is undoubtedly getting more intense, and the Mid-Season Finale is definitely an introduction to a very new kind of zombies (probably).

The Walking Dead Season 9 Episode 8 Spoilers

Fans will be seeing a new development in the storyline. The upcoming episode promises some interesting turnarounds and mysterious events. The main focus of the show is drifting towards a new and spooky threat the “talking” walkers.

In episode 8 we will see Daryl, Jesus, and Aaron in search of Eugene. They see strange behavior in the herd of walkers. Jesus observes that the walkers were just milling around which was unusual. And they have never seen such a thing happening. They get surrounded by a group of walkers where they meet Eugene.

The Walking Dead Season 9 Episode 8

Eugene is shocked and tells Daryl that the herd was abnormal and the walkers are looking for him. And suddenly they are trapped by walkers. They have no clue about the whisperers and are frightened by the changes they are seeing in the walkers.

The Walking Dead comics reveal that these whisperers are not actually walkers. The herd is formed by living people who are wearing the skin of the dead. This group is all about people who have an entirely different set of ideology. They have embraced the post-apocalyptic world and became practically inhuman by trying to blend in with the walkers around. They are a pact with an alpha leading them. This group will be the main villains of The Walking Dead series now.

What Can Fans Expect from The Walking Dead Season 9 Mid-Season?

The Walking Dead Season 9 episode 8

Fans will be seeing Fantastic Beasts ‘ fame Samantha Morton as the main villain of The Walking Dead Season 9. Most probably she will be playing the role of the alpha of the Whisperers. Producer Greg Nicotero has said that he believes that Samantha will be best of the villains we have seen so far.

As the episode is going to be The Walking Dead Season 9 Mid-Season Finale, we will finally witness the cruel Whisperers. They will reveal themselves and mark a change in events in The Walking Dead series. Fans will learn the truth about the new enemy. How will our heroes deal with this new threat without Rick and what will happen to our favorite characters? Will, the new villain, be able to outperform fans favorite Negan? All will be revealed in The Walking Dead Season 9 Episode 8. Watch the promo below

Previously on The Walking Dead Season 9

The episode 7 Stradivarius connected Rick Grimes exit, the time jump with the new things happening around. It was quite a set up for the latest encounter that the heroes are going to face in The Walking Dead Season 9 Mid-Season Finale.

After the time jump, Carol meets Daryl in the woods. Daryl has been searching for Rick for the past six years and still continues his search. Carol finds that Daryl was not in a good state both mentally and physically. She tries to convince Daryl to join them and go to Hilltop. Henry saves Daryl’s dog from the walkers, and they all prepare themselves to go the hilltop.

Maggie has left the Hilltop, and the new in-charge is Jesus. Jesus doesn’t want leadership, but people of hilltop want Jesus to be their leader. He takes charge and hopes for the return of Maggie.

Meanwhile, Michonee is also on her way to hilltop along with her new group. Michonne is helping the newbies to reach Hilltop. She is not sure about how to confront Maggie. She also does not trust the new group she is with. Magna dislikes Michonne, and there is a rift between. They all are on their way to the Hilltop while a mysterious person is watching them from the wood. Stay tuned to TWD as The Walking Dead Season 9 Episode 8 Mid-Season Finale airs on 25th November on AMC.

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