The Walking Dead Season 9: All You Need To Know Before Mid-Season Premiere

The Walking Dead Season 9 - Mid Season Spoilers

The Walking Dead Season 9 is just a few weeks away from its mid-season premiere. The show is boiling up for a new enemy. The prior episodes of season 9 have seen deaths of many critical characters. With a new and stronger enemy in the scenario, things are less expected to change. With Mid-season approaching, rumors and new theories are surfacing. Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming episodes of The Walking Dead Season 9.

Hilltop and Death Of Jesus

Hilltop has lost its leader, Jesus died in the mid-season finale. Death of Jesus came with a new threat in the Dead universe – Whisperers. Hilltop is going to face the worst menace, and they are indeed in a dilemma about what to do.

Who Will Lead The People At Hilltop

The Walking Dead Season 9

As a leader of Hilltop, there are two potential candidates – Tara and Daryl. Tara had helped Jesus in managing things at Hilltop. Moreover, Tara is a strong, compelling character, fit to lead. Whereas, Daryl never wanted to do anything related to leadership of Hilltop. He was not at all willing for the role. However, Daryl is stuck at the place as he is the guardian of Henry. Daryl will be in utter confusion about his next step. He surely wouldn’t want to leave everyone in amidst this problematic situation.

More Confrontations, More Growth In Bonds

Well! Everyone believes to be asking a question, Is The Walking Dead worth without Rick? The Walking Dead Season 9 saw the death of Rick. However, the Dead Universe still got a massive list of characters whose stories have more to tell.

This is Insider reported that the mid-season show would see more confrontations. Well! That is important. Many characters have lived alongside and never shared a decent conversation (Maggie, Carol, and Michonne) until this season.

There is no reason for these bonds between characters not growing. Without their leading patronage, the characters need to rely more upon each other. So, get ready to see some more relationships growing when The Walking Dead season 9 returns.

Angela Kang Talks About Flashbacks In Season 9

While talking with EW, show-runner Angela Kang confirmed the Season 9 would consists of lots of Flashbacks. This is very unlikely for the show. However, a six-year jump might be the reason for that. Moreover, it will be exciting to get those gaps filled about what happened in between. Kang said that these Flashbacks tells particular pieces of backstory. Kang thinks that they are useful to understand who some of the characters are and why they are at where they are at.

What Will Happen With Negan?

Negan has broken out of the Jail, and everyone wants to know what happens to him. Well! Negan is all set to go on his own exploits. Season 9 will feature some very fascinating scenarios of Negan. Some crossover there is also expected.

Negan was seen at the Sanctuary in the preview of the show. Kang said that Negan would find an exciting and diverse world out there from the time that he entered into prison. Moreover, Negan is not familiar with the new threats. Everyone has lived and adapted in the ongoing scenario. Whereas Negan is entirely unaware of the capabilities of Dead’s now.

Harvest Festival In The Walking Dead Season 9

Angela Kang has also confirmed the Harvest Festival in Season 9. Harvest Festival takes unique importance in comic books. Kang said that the festival becomes a piece of the narrative for the back half of the season.

Premiere Of The Walking Dead Season 9

The Walking Dead Season 9 will return for its mid-season premiere on 10th February 2019. The title of the episode is Adaptation.