The Walking Dead Season 9 Spoilers: What You Need to Know Before the Premiere

The Walking Dead Season 9

There is a lot new going to happen in The Walking Dead Season 9. Before the season premieres here the few of the things that are going to happen in the new season of TWD. With Negan being defeated and held prisoner by Rick gives plenty of room for the showrunner to explore more with the cast. TWD surly has some new additions to the season 9 but this season will focus more on the core cast of the show.

While there are a lot of rumors around the internet, about what’s going to happen on the new season. Here is what fans can expect from The Walking Dead Season 9:

1. New Showrunner

The Walking Dead Season 9

The Walking Dead Season 9 Episode 1 is ready to hit your television screens on October 7 and is reported that the premiere will take a 90 minutes long episode. The new season will be led by Angela Kang who is the new executive producer. She’ll be the new showrunner for the series. Kang has been a writer on the show since season 2 and has written some finest hours for the show.

Kang is taking over the title of Scott Gimple who has been the longtime showrunner. Scott is moving to a new title of Chief Content Officer; he will be brainstorming and developing new ideas and ways to keep the show growing. Since we know that season 8’s finale was the lowest-rated since the first season, Kang is believed to return the show back to its glory.

2. A New Beginning

Scott Gimple, former showrunner of the show explained that the time Carl was dying on the show, he felt like it was the end of a very long chapter on The Walking Dead. Rick who was living just for the sake of his family had survived so much after his wife passed away and now this was his son dying away. What would keep him alive after this?

Scott is confident that season 9 will feature nothing from the previous because that was the end of it. The Walking Dead Season 9 will kick off with a new beginning. Guess fans have to see how the New Beginnings happen in the world where the people have to survive by killing the dead.

3. Rick and Maggie bid their Goodbyes

The Walking Dead Season 9

It’s sad and heartbreaking, but it’s true. Andrew Lincoln who plays Rick Grimes, the lead on the show will bid his farewells to the show before the season ends. Lincoln is leaving the show to spend more time with his family in England.

Asking about his exit, Lincoln said, “I got to do scenes with all of my favorite people this season,” he said in July. “As a farewell, it was the greatest present I could’ve got.”

Adding to fans’ pain, Lauren Cohan who plays Maggie will also depart from the series. Although she says that her Walking Dead story is “not finished,” so maybe she’ll come back. Lauren will be next seen in Whiskey Cavalier which is an upcoming ABC series.

4. Say Hi to Shane Walsh

The Walking Dead Season 9

John Bernthal: Shane Walsh! Remember? Rick’s partner who betrayed him? Yep, he’s coming back, well just for one episode in Season 9. It’s not clear how and what his return exactly means. But we are sure that he’ll be back in flashbacks because duh he’s dead!

5. A Time Jump

Angela Kang teased with The Walking Dead Season 9 spoilers that there will be 18 months time jump in the story from the last season’s finale. The people are out of gasoline and ammunition and are living as people lived in the medieval age. Could the time jump bring the excitement back for the show?

6. Urban Setting

The Walking Dead, from previous seasons, have traditionally made the rural landscape it’s very own stomping grounds. The setting included farmyards, small towns, woods, etc. As it is said, with a new storyline in season 9, fans will see a new environment as well. The showrunners have deiced to shake things up with the setting as well which will hit off with a trip to Washington DC. So watch out for the new urban environment on the show.

7. Negan could find Redemption?

Is redemption for the man who killed Glenn to death with his beloved barbed-wire baseball bat justified? Jeffrey Dean Morgan who plays Negan on the show doesn’t think that he cannot find his way to redemption. His reign of terror is over, and he is Rick’s prisoner, so maybe he will find his way back to humanity and not piss anyone off this season. Morgan said Negan’s character would also go through a process of change so you may never know what will happen to him.

8. A Female-Driven Season

Norman Reedus who plays Daryl on the show has explained that with the new show-runner in charge, the story of the show will be told in a very different and non-identical way. This season is all about empowering women and thus the new season will have the impact of women on its storyline more than any previous season.

9. Will Daryl be the new Rick?

The Walking Dead Season 9

With Rick leaving the show, fans have assumed that Daryl will replace his position as a lead, but Norman Reedus said that “No one can take Rick’s place on the show, certainly not Daryl.” He also shared that the two brothers have an “epic” scene in episode 4 of season 9. According to him, this sequence was the most challenging sequence he has ever had to shoot. Maybe because he knows his brother is leaving!

10. The Dead are coming

In the last finale, the survivors saw an enormous herd of walkers bigger than they have ever seen in the distance. Rick, gathered all the survivors of different communities to work together as a team to survive this battle against the dead who are the real enemy.

11. Alpha and the Whisperers

Negan maybe caged but a new threat is on its way to torture the survivors of the dead. Angela Kang announced that Samantha Morton will be joining the cast as Alpha who is the leader of the Whisperers. Whisperers are the iconic characters from the who wear walker skin and will along with them in disguise.

The Walking Dead Season 9 will be a new journey for fans. Maggie, Jesus, and Daryl who are pretty much at a civil war plot against Rick for keeping Negan alive. Moreover, a new enemy in the form of Whisperers is coming to shake their lives. The Walking Dead returns on October 7 9/8c. Stay tuned with The Walking Dead Season 9 Spoilers and Updates.

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