Travelers Season 3 – Everything You Need To Know About The Sequel

Travelers Season 3

Travelers Season 3 is coming with another science fiction saga. This time, Netflix has acquired all production and distribution rights of Travellers Season 3. The series is very popular and critically acclaimed and have a massive fan base. The release of the sequel is a few weeks away. Fans can’t wait to see another adventurous and fascinating season.

Travelers is based on a post-apocalyptic future. Many special operatives have a task to avert the destruction of society. These operatives are known as “travelers.” Travelers have their experience sent back in time. Also, they are shifted into the body of individuals. This is done to minimize the unintended result on the timeline.

Release Date and Number Of Episodes of Travelers Season 3

The previous seasons of Travelers used to release early in the year. But things have changed now as Netflix has acquired the series for Season 3. Therefore, it is premiering at the end of the year. Season 3 of Travelers is going to premiere on Netflix on Friday, December 14.

Travelers Season 3 will consist of 10 episodes. These 10 episodes will premiere weekly on Netflix. This confirms a heavy dose of entertainment from 14 December.

Lead star Eric McCormack has directed the first episode of the third season, which will be interesting to watch.

The Plot of Travelers Season 3

Brad Wright, The showrunner of Travelers, said in an interview with The Television that theme of Travelers Season 3 is going to be Artificial Intelligence. He also added that there’s a lot of discussion of AI and all of those things that were in season 2.

Brad also talked about a new female character. He said that we have an arc that introduces this woman. Brad said that this woman is going to be a challenge for MacLaren. He said that he wants to give him a foil.

Travelers Season 3

Wright summed up by saying that we are going to turn up the temperature in Travelers Season 3 and fans will get more flashes into the future with the upcoming episodes.

The focus of the Travelers Season 3 will be Eric MacLaren as the test for trust, loyalty, and death is on its way. Grant will also fight against the rapidly growing power of AI. He will continue the war against rogue agent Traveler 001. The team will fight against the Faction as it is trying to remove the Director, which is going to be fascinating to watch.

Trailer for The Upcoming Season

Netflix yes to release a trailer for Season 3 as fans are eagerly waiting for any updates regarding the new season of the series.

However, keeping in mind that the Season 3 of Travelers is going to premiere on December 14, we can expect trailer is coming for the season any time soon.

Cast And Producer

Eric McCormack will be in the lead role in as usual. Nesta Cooper, MacKenzie Porter, Reilly Dolman, Patrick Gilmore, and Jared Abrahamson will accompany Eric in the Season 3 of Travelers.

Travelers Season 3 is created, written and executively produced by Brad Wright. Carrie Mudd and John G. Lenic will be serving as executive producers. Eric McCormack will also be a producer of this season. You stay tuned for further updates about your favorite series.

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