Vikings Season 6 – Will It Be The Last Season? Release Date & Updates

vikings season 6

Are you ready for glory? Are you prepared for War? Because Vikings Season 6 is coming. The historical drama Television Series Vikings is coming with second half of the season 5, that is, Season 6. Vikings Season 6 was announced even before the premiere of Season 5 which showed the confidence of makers in this series.

Vikings is inspired by the epics of Viking Ragnar Lothbrok, one of the legendary Norse heroes of England and France. The Vikings depict Ragnar as a farmer who rises to prominence by successful raids into England and becomes a Scandinavian king.

Is Vikings Season 6 Going to be the Last Season?

Recent events have teased that Vikings Season 6 could be the last season of the series. Here are the contributing factors to these speculations.

1. The Group Image

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what an amazing group of humans 💛💛💛💛💛 💛

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Recently, Jordan Patrick Smith who plays the character of Ubbe posted a photo on Instagram consisting of all the members of the Vikings. This speculated that the Vikings Season 6 is going to be the last season of Vikings. The image is captioned: “What an amazing group of humans,” which doesn’t indicate to any of that sorts.

Some cast members of Vikings are not seen in this image as indicated by Metro. The absence of these casts is predicted as they might not make till the end of the show. Floki, Ivar, Lagertha, Rollo and Harald were not present in this shot which made fans wonder that these characters might die before the end of the Vikings Season 6.

This all might be going in some different directions as the shoot of the Vikings Season 6 is completed, and this photo may indicate that. However! As a true fan, everyone has already thought about the worst. We will know about the truth later!

2. Stars Chop Their Hairs

Long hairs are trademarks for some of the characters of Vikings. The plot of Vikings Season 6 to be the last season got strength when some of the cast members posted their photos after chopping off their hair. Marco Ilso who plays the character of Hvitserk and Alex Hogh Anderson who pursue with the role of Ivar the Boneless have posted their photos having a haircut. This has added some plus points in favor of Season 6 being the last season of Vikings.

3. Michael Hirst is “Busy”

Michael Hirst, the creator of the show Vikings, is also busy nowadays. Hirst has picked up two new writing works. According to the Guardian, Hirst is working on a new series whose plot revolves around the Romans known as The Caesars. Michael is also working with Martin Scorsese on a new attempt. Hirst is also acquiring a Doctor Zhivago series according to Den of Geek. This all new work might be due to Michael Hirst getting free of Vikings.

Many Factors are Contributing to the Vikings Season 6 to be the last season. However, nothing is confirmed, for now.

Viking Season 6 Spoilers

The plot of Vikings is kept under a wrap all the time as not even a single news is leaked about it. Though, Michael Hirst dropped some hints by saying that Vikings Season 6 will deliver a huge and unexpected revelation to its viewers. This has made fans of the Vikings more and more excited for the Season 6.

Eli Lehrer, History channel executive also said that now we will see the sons of Ragnar conquering and exploring the world.

Release Date of Vikings Season 6 and Number Of Episodes

Vikings Season 6 will premiere on History in the US on November 28, 2018. The latest season will also be available on Amazon Prime for the UK audience. The show will premiere on 29 November in the UK. The season will consist of 20 episodes. Fans are excited all over the world for Vikings Season 6 and can’t wait for the battle to begin.