Wrong Man Season 2: Starz Renewed For Second Season, Re-Investigate Three New Cases

Wrong Man Season 2

Starz has ordered for another season of true crime docuseries Wrong Man. Wrong Man Season 2 will be the next installment of the series. The renewal took place by the end of June 2019. The audience is enthusiastic and eager to have the second season soon.

Joe Berlinger serves as the filmmaker of the series. The announcement of the renewal came in the same week the Supreme Court struck down the conviction of death row inmate Curtis Flowers. The first season of the Wrong Man explored Curtis’ case. Flowers got prosecuted six times for the same crime of quadruple murder and also by the same prosecutor.

The re-investigation took place in the first season resulted in relieving of Christopher Tapp, one of the alleged prisoners. He received freedom after 21 years in prison before forensic genealogy identified that he was not the culprit. A different man murdered that 18-year old girl in Idaho for which Christopher was confined to.

The investigating team that featured in the first season will continue their work in the second season. That will include the former prosecutor Sue-Ann Robinson, civil rights attorney Ron Kuby, retired NCIS investigator Joe Kennedy, and Ira Todd from Detroit’s elite Homicide Task Force.

Starz COO Shared Views at Renewal

The Starz COO Jeffery Hirsch also expressed his expectations for Wrong Man Season 2. According to him, with a second season, Starz looks forward to deploying the team of experts on three new cases, to continue to explore whether justice served or not. Not just this, he also talked and praised the debut season for its unique format to the true crime genre that is compelling for viewers and has had real-life implications for the wrongfully accused individuals involved in these cases.

Wrong Man Season 2: What Will Happen?

The second season will re-investigate the three cases of inmates are convicted from long. They claim that they were imprisoned for the crimes that they did not even do. The second season will have a six-episode queue. Also, two of the three cases will feature female prisoners.

wrong man season 2

First one will look through Vonda Smith, a grandmother, imprisoned for beating her 21-year-old daughter and dumping her on a remote country road. She did not even have any criminal record previously.

The second one will follow Patricia Rorrer, imprisoned since 1993. She was there for the murder of a young mother and her 16-week old son in Pennsylvania. She also claims that the DNA evidence that was used to send her away is actually junk science.

And the third one is Kenneth Clair, imprisoned for the inhuman torture and subsequent murder of a young babysitter in Santa Ana, California. There was a five-year-old child who was the only eyewitness to the crime. And according to her, a white man did it. Here, the irony flashes as Kenneth Clair is black. And also there has not been any forensic evidence against him, that connects him to the crime scene.

Wrong Man Season 2 Release Date

The show has been just renewed for the second run. The entire investigation and filming work is still about to happen. We don’t know how much time will all this take to happen. So, stay tuned for the updates on Wrong Man Season 2.


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