Heath Ledger And Joaquin Phoenix Have Shared Stage Before, Fans Comparing Both The Jokers


Joker! Who does not know this character from the DC Universe? With the rise of Joker’s reign in Gotham City, his powers also increased. Joker also serves as one of the most powerful villains, that Batman too, could not able to beat him. Many actors played this iconic character for long. But Heath Ledger and Joaquin Phoenix’s portrayal of the evil antagonist achieved most praise and recognition.

Not just this, these two also have one more thing in common. Check that out below.

From Oscar 2006

Back at the time of 2006 Academy Awards, both the Joker leads, Heath Ledger and Joaquin Phoenix were competing against each other, and that was the Best Actor Award. Heath received a nomination for Brokeback Mountain, whereas Phoenix was nominated for Walk the Line. There was a hell of a competition between two of them, but in the end, Philip Seymour Hoffman took away the award of Best Actor for Capote.

Heath Ledger And Joaquin Phoenix

However, the two later bonded at the Oscars after-party. There, the cameras caught Heath and Joaquin discussing about something hilarious. That time, both of them did not know that they will play the same iconic DC character in future.

Joker Vs. Joker


With various actors pursuing the character of Joker, the competition and comparison increased. Will they be Jared Leto’s Joker from suicide squad, Cameron Monaghan’s Joker from Gotham, Heath Ledger from The Dark Knight, or Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker from recent Joker. However, Heath Ledger’s Joker uplifted the position of the character in the movie universe, Joaquin’s Joker revealed the characters personal details worldwide. The latter one showed the evil side of the character and to what extent his evilness can go. While the former one actually explained how he became so crazy and evil, that his rise created chaos in the society.

Although there are so many differences amongst the audience, some liked the humorous yet dark portrayal of Ledger as Joker, while some loved the intense dark Arthur Fleck, a.k.a. Joker by Joaquin. Whatever that is, both of them made the character immortal forever.

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