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5 Best Relationships Featured On General Hospital

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By Hanshika

Holly & Robert


Green Star

Holly Sutton and Robert Scorpio, a beloved 80s couple, captured fans' hearts with their on-screen chemistry. Their original run from 1983 to 1993 was filled with heartbreak, and their unexpected reunion, spanning six years, continued to tug at fans' emotions.


Robin & Patrick

Bless the enduring love of Robin Scorpio and Patrick Drake in General Hospital. Despite heartbreaks, they consistently found their way back to each other, showcasing a resilient and spectacular bond.


Lulu & Dante

In terms of exquisitely filmed and passionately portrayed love scenes, General Hospital truly stands out. Dante Falconeri and Lulu Spencer-Falconeri exhibit a chemistry that mirrors real-life couples' dreams, making them a swiftly beloved and popular pairing on the enduring soap opera.


Sam & Jason

Opinions may vary, but it's evident that the General Hospital fanbase is divided on whether Jason should be with Liz or Sam. While Jason and Liz excel as parents, it's undeniable that the love, passion, and chemistry point to Sam as the ideal match for Jason.


Luke & Laura

When your staged wedding breaks records in ratings and viewership, it's a testament to the writers and actors doing something remarkably right. Longtime General Hospital followers know that Luke and Laura Spencer defined the term "super couple" for good reasons.

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